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USN Fouled Anchor Powder Flask
Lot # 265 - USN Fouled Anchor Powder Flask
Embossed on both sides of the body with fouled anchor and U.S.N. Markings and on one side at the neck, RP.  Marked on top of the spout N.P. Ames, 1843 JL.
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**Colt 1911A1 National Match Target Pistol
Lot # 686 - **Colt 1911A1 National Match Target Pistol
.45 ACP caliber, 5" barrel, S/N 1438986. Marked NM on the right side of the triggerguard, also marked SA under 1911A1. Colt slide. Bo-mar rear target sights. Blade front sight.  Parkerized finish with checkered walnut grips. In originally issued brown two-piece cardboard box.
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*Sig <i>Mosquito</i> Semi-Auto Pistol
Lot # 1353 - *Sig Mosquito Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR caliber, 4" barrel, S/N F019666. Two-tone finish, three 10-rd. magazines. Original box and papers.
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<i>Deringer</i> Flintlock Military Rifle
Lot # 45 - Deringer Flintlock Military Rifle
.56 caliber, 42.5" octagonal barrel. Top of barrel marked H. Deringer, Phila.  Notched rear barrel sight with a blade front sight. Flat-style lockplate with bevel edges. Flat-style hammer, rounded pan.  Silver escutcheon with engraved initials WSCM. Brass mounted with a four-piece patchbox.  Walnut stock with checkered wrist.
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Four CDVs: Geo. H. Chapman, G.P. Cluseret, John Cochrane, James Cooper
Lot # 64 - Four CDVs: Geo. H. Chapman, G.P. Cluseret, John Cochrane, James Cooper
Lot of 4: Brig. Gen. John Cochrane, ink identified beneath portrait, with Brady/Anthony backmark; former Col. 65th NY; briefly commanded a brigade in late 1862. Brig. Gen. James Cooper, briefly led a brigade under Banks in the Shenandoah, later Commandant of Camp Chase. Carte by McAllister & Bro., Philadelphia. With CDVs of Gen. Geo. H. Chapman, by Ulke, Washington, D.C., and G.P. Cluseret, by Lege, Paris, showing the General wearing his Crimea medals. 
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Assorted Apothecary Items, Lot of Four
Lot # 192 - Assorted Apothecary Items, Lot of Four
11.5" x 6.5" x 5" glass enclosed scale marked The Torsion Balance Co. Style 269 New York No. 109222 Pat Jan 6-85 Jan 22-89 May 19-91. Scale range is up to 8 grains to 5.25 decigrams. Plus three wood pestles measuring 6.5", 8" and 9".
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German 20th Century Pocket Knives, Lot of Two
Lot # 267 - German 20th Century Pocket Knives, Lot of Two
first is a 3" four blade Congress knife made by Hoffritz with black bone handles. Second is a 3.5" two blade pyriform jack knife made by the Crucible Knife Co. with brown bone handles.
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Handkerchief Featuring the Song
Lot # 65 - Handkerchief Featuring the Song "Long Way to Tipperary"
17.5" x 19.5" handkerchief with musical score and lyrics surrounded by a panoply of flags and medals for valor. Complete with a border composed of three-leaf clovers and image of soldiers marching in parade.
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*U.S. WWI Eddystone Model 1917 Bolt Action Rifle
Lot # 38 - *U.S. WWI Eddystone Model 1917 Bolt Action Rifle
.30-06 caliber, 26" barrel, S/N 953251. Barrel dated 11-1918. New leather sling, import marked.
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Kentucky Percussion Rifle Made by <i>Nelson Clark</i> in 1855
Lot # 913 - Kentucky Percussion Rifle Made by Nelson Clark in 1855
.50 caliber smooth bore, 38.5" octagonal barrel length, marking on top of barrel "N. Clark." Engraved lockplate marked with "B" and engraved hammer. Engraved brass sidelock marked "1855." Brass buttplate and toe plate with a German silver shield behind the upper tang.  Browned trigger with brass triggerguard.  Three brass ramrod pipes and brass fore end cap. Browned barrel with rear Buckhorn sight and brass front sight.  Curly maple stock with cheek piece on left side.

Nelson Clark (1801 - 1859) was a gunsmith born in New York State. Around 1822, Nelson moved to Lebanon, Ohio where he took up gun-smithing. In 1825, Clark had a shop in Miamisburg, Ohio. Rifles manufactured by Clark became known as the N. Clark rifles.
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Model 1822 Conversion <i>Tabatiere</i> Breechloading Rifled Musket
Lot # 274 - Model 1822 Conversion Tabatiere Breechloading Rifled Musket
French.  .69 caliber, 37.5" rifled round barrel, proof marked, two-leaf rear sight. Converted to breechloading with a bronze side hinged Tabatiere receiver similar to the British Snyder system.  Lock action functions properly, plate engraved "St.Etienne / Manufre Royale."  Three-band walnut stock with cut-out cheek rest, proof marked on the buttstock; iron furniture and tulip head ramrod.
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Model 1842 Springfield Rifled and Sighted
Lot # 691 - Model 1842 Springfield Rifled and Sighted
.69 caliber rifled,  42" barrel, rear long range barrel sight. Lockplate marked Springfield and dated 1852.  Three barrel bands and walnut stock.
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Full-Stock Flintlock Rifle
Lot # 40 - Full-Stock Flintlock Rifle
Tennessee or North Carolina Kentucky "Po' Boy" rifle, .58 caliber, 50" swamped octagonal barrel with long tang, 2-screw original flintlock. Full curly maple stock, no buttplate, no rear entry thimble, hand-forged iron triggerguard simple ramrod ferrules. Ex Harm Leonard collection purchased from Norm Flayderman over 50 years ago (item #216, catalog 36).
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German 20th Century Schmidt & Zeigler Pocket Knife
Brass-Handled Saber Bayonet for 1870 Navy Rifle
*WWII Nazi German K98 Bolt Action Rifle
Lot # 124 - *WWII Nazi German K98 Bolt Action Rifle
8mm cal., 24" barrel, S/N 51203b. Blue finish, laminated stock, byf 44 coded receiver, mismatched numbers, import marked, Nazi eagle proofs.
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*Professional Ordnance Carbon 15 Semi-Auto Pistol
Lot # 1236 - *Professional Ordnance Carbon 15 Semi-Auto Pistol
.223 caliber,  8.75" barrel, S/N B26001. 30-rd. magazine, BSA red dot sight.
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US Civil War Medical Canteen
Lot # 1157 - US Civil War Medical Canteen
12" x 9" slightly curved rectangular tin canteen with brass screw cap.  Complete with adjustable leather shoulder sling.
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*Smith & Wesson Model 617 Revolver
Lot # 778 - *Smith & Wesson Model 617 Revolver
.22 LR caliber, 5 7/8" barrel, S/N BEJ4252. Stainless finish, polished wood grips. In original box with tools and paperwork.
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