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US WWII M1 Carbine Stocks, Lot of 2 with Handguards
*Colt <i>Diamond Back</i> Double-Action Revolver
Lot # 568 - *Colt Diamond Back Double-Action Revolver
.38 spl. caliber, 2.5" barrel, S/N R09046. Blue finish, walnut checkered grips. Period Colt box numbered to another gun, hang-tag and manual.
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US WWI Trench Mace
Lot # 80 - US WWI Trench Mace
17" spiked club-style trench mace. Wooden club with 12 iron spikes.
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Contemporary Sheath Knife by Gary Birch
Lot # 433 - Contemporary Sheath Knife by Gary Birch
This deer bone knife has an 8" spear point blade and is 13" overall. Includes deer hide scabbard also made by Gary Birch. Self taught as an artist, he has worked in multi-media crafts and oil, watercolor and acrylic painting. Gary Birch was born 1946 in Middletown, Ohio and graduated from Miami University. [Information provided by Marge Piper.]
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Union Infantry 1st Lieutenant's Frockcoat
Lot # 663 - Union Infantry 1st Lieutenant's Frockcoat
Dark blue wool single-breasted coat with gilt eagle and "I" buttons, all present. Short standing collar lined in black velvet. Sleeves belled at the elbow, cuffs with three-button closure, nine-button front and four on the rear skirt.  Complete with a matching pair of shoulder boards: light blue velvet with age-toned gold bullion border and rank insignia.  Lined in quilted black silk, now aging to dark green.
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Civil War Navy Cannon Fuse Pouch
Lot # 76 - Civil War Navy Cannon Fuse Pouch
Civil War leather Navy cannon fuse pouch. Nicely marked on the front flap "Navy Yard N.Y. 1863" (with anchors on either side of markings).
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French and Indian War Map Horn--Forbes Trail to Fort Pitt
Lot # 27 - French and Indian War Map Horn--Forbes Trail to Fort Pitt
14" length, triple raised ring with smooth spout, engraved with forts and Royal Coat of Arms. This well-travelled map horn shows every fort from New York to Fort Pitt at the Three Rivers. Wood base and iron carrying staple.

While the owner is unknown, the horn has a historic connection to the Forbes Trail that solidified British dominance in the Ohio Territory following the ejection of the French. This extraordinary engraved map horn depicts the sequential forts and way points on the trail from Colonial New York to remote Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) at the strategic Forks of the Ohio. The track departing from the frontier post of Carlisle is the path of the famed "Forbes Road" built by an army of 5,000 British regulars and Colonial militia under the direction of General John Forbes (1707-1759).

Following the death of General Braddock during the ill-fated expedition against Ft. Duquesne in 1755, Forbes took command of British forces and commenced building a more direct road through 200 miles of trackless wilderness to attack the French at the strategic Forks. Hewn by hand from the primeval forest, the Forbes Trail was 20 foot wide and traversed the Allegheny Mountains with fortified supply posts (Raystown and Ligonier) at supporting intervals. The rough road was sufficient to support wagons and artillery and was completed in November 1758.

The British advance column was attacked and bloodily repulsed on September 15, 1758 causing Forbes to immediately halt operations against Fort Dusquesne. Later in the fall the French at Fort Frontenac were forced to surrender leaving Fort Dusquesne with a much reduced garrison as their fickled Indian allies melted away. The sudden appearance of a large force of Redcoats emerging from the forest gloom so intimidated the few remaining French regulars that Fort Duquesne was burned to the ground and quickly abandoned. Forbes took control of the illusive prize on November 25, 1758 and ordered the post rebuilt naming it Fort Pitt in honor of his mentor William Pitt the Elder, British Secretary of State. Gravely ill through most of the grueling march, Forbes soon returned to Philadelphia where he died on March 11, 1759.

Tracing Forbes' route the principal points are as follows: Fort Edward, Fort Stanwix, Crown Point, Fort Henry, Fort Carillon, R. Blockhouse, Mcniel, H.A. Moon, Albany, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Shapsburg, Carlisle, York, Loundon, and Bedford. The horn was likely carved and carried shortly after the construction of the new fort by a participant of the Forbes expedition as the names and locations generally correspond to the names known in 1758 culminating, of course, with Ft Pitt.

Today parts of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and US Route 30 parallel the old Forbes Trail with key road markers westbound in Bedford and Westmorland County. As well as commemorating the Forbes Road and the ultimate capture of Ft. Duquesne, it is appealing to think of this historic horn in practical terms as a sort of portable road map anticipating the thrust of future frontier travel. Of course, the major significance of the Forbes Road in the decades following the French & Indian War was as a major land route into the heart of the prime Ohio country connecting Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
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Two boxes of Winchester .22 Caliber Single-Shot Cartridges
Lot # 1538 - Two boxes of Winchester .22 Caliber Single-Shot Cartridges
A group of two boxes (each 50 rounds) of Winchester .22 caliber center fire cartridges for Winchester single-shot rifles.
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*High Standard Model GB Semi-Auto Pistol
Lot # 1108 - *High Standard Model GB Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal., 6.5" barrel, S/N 324740. Blue finish, plastic grips. Original box, manufactured in New Haven, Ct.
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*Ruger Old Model 3 Screw Blackhawk Revolver
Lot # 522 - *Ruger Old Model 3 Screw Blackhawk Revolver
.45 LC caliber, 7.5" barrel, S/N 45-21246. Blue finish, walnut grips. Original box and papers.
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Pattern 1860 Naval Cutlass
Lot # 189 - Pattern 1860 Naval Cutlass
25" blade with single fuller, maker's name etched at ricasso Hartley & Graham New York. On the right side of the blade half way down is etched in a panel Niagara. Copper riveted leather scabbard. Leather and twisted brass wire wrapped handle. Brass pommel and cupped knuckle bow.
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Model 1888 Experimental Positive Cam Springfield Trapdoor Rifle
Lot # 342 - Model 1888 Experimental Positive Cam Springfield Trapdoor Rifle
.45-70 caliber, 32.5" round barrel, S/N 415738. Large "V P" eagle "P," with large "A" on top of the barrel. Receiver has the mill cut to accommodate the shoulder on the latch. The latch has the reverse threaded worm to rotate back and forth. Screw above the thumb latch in the breechblock.  Thumb latch has the shoulder. Buffington rear sight. Walnut stock.
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Italian Copy of a Remington  Revolving Carbine By Armisport
Lot # 924 - Italian Copy of a Remington Revolving Carbine By Armisport
.44 caliber, 20" octagonal barrel, S/N 43677. Walnut stock, brass frame.
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German WWI Prussian Spiked Helmet
Lot # 56 - German WWI Prussian Spiked Helmet
Field grey leather helmet with plated spike and trim. Prussian eagle front plate.  Complete with re-painted national and state cockades. New replaced leather chin strap. Interior has weathered leather liner and is unit marked on the the rear visor (illeg.).
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**Winchester M61 Slide Action Rifle
Lot # 530 - **Winchester M61 Slide Action Rifle
.22 S.L. or L.R. caliber, 24" round barrel length, S/N 165532 on bottom of frame (ca. 1951). Winchester markings on the left side of the barrel.  Blue finish on the barrel, magazine tube, frame, trigger guard and trigger.  Walnut butt stock and ribbed forearm.  Blued checkered butt plate.
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Paiute Captain <i>Dave Numana</i> & Peacemaker <i>Johnson Sides</i>, Albumen Photographs
Lot # 310 - Paiute Captain Dave Numana & Peacemaker Johnson Sides, Albumen Photographs
Lot of 2 boudoir photographs, each with Evans' Reno, NV, studio backstamp, dated ca 1887, the first a portrait of Captain Dave Numana, as identified on verso, dressed in uniform and posed with his sword. Grandson of Paiute Chief Truckee, Captain Dave (1829-1919), also called Numana, or father, by his people, was born near Unionville, NV, to a Paiute father and Shoshone mother, thus speaking the language of both tribes. On behalf of his people, Captain Dave traveled to Washington, D.C. and became federally commissioned to head the Indian Police of the Pyramid Lake Reservation. He received recognition from government officials for his character and cooperation as a result of his work as Chief of Police. (Information obtained from, October 1, 2013.)

The second studio portrait shows Johnson Sides, misidentified as Johnston on verso, standing in full uniform with his sword. Orphaned as a child, Johnson Sides was taken in and raised by the Sides family, thus adopting the Sides family name. While living on the family's ranch, Johnson learned to speak French and English, and these skills combined with his ability to speak multiple Indian dialects provided him with the opportunity to work with the U.S. Army as a negotiator between American Indian groups and the white settlers. As peacemaker, Johnson wore an Army uniform and Army field hat, as can be seen in this photograph. (Information obtained from Indians of Nevada, by Helen Dunn, Nevada Department of Education, October 1, 2013.)
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US Civil War Model 1852 Navy Officer's Swallow Tail Waist Coat
Lot # 166 - US Civil War Model 1852 Navy Officer's Swallow Tail Waist Coat
This double breasted officer's dress coatee has all buttons and is in very good condition for its age. Nice quilted liner. Bullion star at cuff and one inch stand-up collar.
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US Civil War Spencer Carbine
Lot # 193 - US Civil War Spencer Carbine
.52 caliber rimfire,  22" barrel with standing front and folding rear sights, worn markings on top of receiver Spencer Repeating/Rifle Co. Boston, Mass./Pat'd March 6, 1860; serial number 43059 behind receiver. Walnut stock with Iron mounts, total length 39.2". Right side has a copper dog inlay and a place cut for a disk. Small mother of pearl inlay on left side of stock.
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U.S. Military Colt 1911 Leather Holsters, Lot of T
Lot # 108 - U.S. Military Colt 1911 Leather Holsters, Lot of T
Colt 1911a1 .45 hip holster, and one armor vehicle shoulder holster.
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