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Cowan's has partnered with Garth Clark and Mark DelVecchio, internationally renowned dealers, authors, and scholars, to present semi-annual Modern Ceramics Auctions. These are the first regular auctions in the United States focused solely on modern and contemporary ceramics.

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Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio, Directors

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Garth Clark
Garth Clark is the author of over 50 books and 250 essays on 20th century and contemporary ceramics. He has received numerous honors for his work including being made a Fellow the Royal College of Art, London and honorary doctorates from Staffordshire University in Britain and the Kansas City Art Institute among others. In 2005 he was the recipient of the College Art Association's Mather Award for distinguished art journalism. In 1981, together with Mark Del Vecchio he founded the Garth Clark Gallery in Los Angeles and then New York, and Kansas City. In 2007 the gallery was closed and a new entity Clark+DelVecchio, private dealers, was formed in Santa Fe, NM.

Mark DelVecchio
Mark DelVecchio is the author of the highly-acclaimed "Post Modern Ceramics". He has received the Visionaries award from the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, a lifetime achievement award from the Friends of Contemporary Ceramics and an honorary doctorate from the Kansas City Art Institute. He has directed the Garth Clark Gallery since 1981 overseeing the presentation of more than six hundred exhibitions during the life of the gallery.  Together with Dawn Bennett and Garth Clark he organized the massive Ceramic Millennium Conference in Amsterdam in 1999 that attracted 56 national delegations and 3,500 attendees. He is now director of Clark+DelVecchio in Santa Fe, NM.


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Bronze Eve Fighting the Serpent
Lot # 86 - Bronze Eve Fighting the Serpent
American, early 20th century.  A painted bronze sculpture depicting Eve fighting off the serpent. Signed (illegible) and numbered 3/8, with a TX foundry stamp; ht. 26, wd. 22 in.
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Albert Green (1914-1994; USA)
Lot # 251 - Albert Green (1914-1994; USA)
Three Tea Bowls
ca 1986-94
Stoneware; largest ht. 3.25 in.
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Rookwood Elephant Bookends, by William McDonald
Lot # 269 - Rookwood Elephant Bookends, by William McDonald
American (Cincinnati), 1918. A Pair of Rookwood elephant bookends in a celadon glaze, by William McDonald. With Rookwood logo, date 1918, artist's initials and shape 2444; ht. 4.5 in.
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Art Deco Wrought Iron Garden Furniture
Lot # 307 - Art Deco Wrought Iron Garden Furniture
American, mid-20th century. A three piece set of wrought iron garden furniture including a c-shaped bench, arm chair and side chair, each with curved, reeded crest rails and navy blue leather seats; bench ht. 30, approx. wd. 80 in.
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Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Lot # 28 - Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Superb Pair of Matching Tall Pitchers
ca 2001-06  
Glazed stoneware, ht. 14.75, dia. 8.5 in.
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Japanese Woodblock Print by Kiyoshi Saito
Lot # 240 - Japanese Woodblock Print by Kiyoshi Saito
Kioshi Saito (Japan, 1907-1997) A woodblock depicting a winter scene with a house and people walking in the snow in the foreground. Artist signature l.l.; 9.75 x 15.25 in. (sight). 
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Wayne Higby (1943, USA)
Lot # 40 - Wayne Higby (1943, USA)
Canyon Bowl 
Raku; ht. 12.75, wd. 19.75, dp. 16.75 in.
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Alan Wallwork (1931, England)
Lot # 234 - Alan Wallwork (1931, England)
Urchin Pot
Ceramic; ht. 3.5, dia. 5.5 in.
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Vivika Heino (1910-1995, USA)
Lot # 43 - Vivika Heino (1910-1995, USA)
Set of Three Tall Emblem Cups, 1949
each ht. 5.25, dia. 3.25 inches
Artist signature on base

Exceptionally rare and early examples of Vivika Heino's commissioned work.
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Potters' Market: John Maltby Four Lidded Boxes 
Lot # 264 - Potters' Market: John Maltby Four Lidded Boxes 
(Born 1936, England)

ca 1988

Stoneware; largest, wd. 2in. Signed.

From the Collection of Dorothy Miner.
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Paper Plates by Roy Lichtenstein
Lot # 200 - Paper Plates by Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997).  Screenprints, in yellow, red and blue on white paper plate.  From an unknown numbered edition, published by Bert Stern, and marked on back of each plate Roy Lichtenstein On 1st Inc, 1969.  An unopened packaged group of 10; diameter of each 10.25 in.
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Jean-Pierre Larocque (1953, Canada)
Lot # 139 - Jean-Pierre Larocque (1953, Canada)
Untitled (Horse)
Stoneware; ht. 11.75, wd. 14, dp. 4.5 in.
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Gwyn Hanssen Pigott (1935-2013; Australia)
Lot # 40 - Gwyn Hanssen Pigott (1935-2013; Australia)
Stunning "Yellow Table Parade"
ca 2006
Wood-fired Porcelain; largest ht. 4.25 in, wd. 34 in. 
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott was a revered Australian artist who exhibited her porcelain still-life assemblages internationally. Inspired in part by the paintings of Georgio Morandi and her early years as a maker of functional wares, the artist has created refined elegant works that speak about pottery, space, volume and line. There is also a sense of ritual about these combinations and an anthropomorphic edge. She notes that we speak of pots as though they are animate, “We call them gentle or generous, strong or vulnerable. A group of bottles becomes a family. A silent line of beakers waits in a window for the light to hit their rims and their ordinary beauty becomes radiant. A strolling line of jugs, cups and tumblers becomes an assorted tribe journeying somewhere.”
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<i>Picasso 347</i>; Two Volumes, First Edition
Lot # 381 - Picasso 347; Two Volumes, First Edition
Picasso 347. New York; Random House/Maecenas Press, 1970. Two volumes with gilt pages, housed in a clamshell case. Includes 347 reproductions of the artist's etchings from 1968.
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Karen Karnes (1925, USA)
Lot # 49 - Karen Karnes (1925, USA)
Untitled Vase
ca 1998
Wood-fired stoneware; ht. 12, wd. 8.75, dp. 4.5 in. 
Artist KK stamp at foot. 
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Geoffrey Swindell (1945, England)
Lot # 22 - Geoffrey Swindell (1945, England)
ca 1979
Porcelain; ht. 4.5, dia. 3.5 in.
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Beatrice Wood (1893-1998; USA)
Lot # 284 - Beatrice Wood (1893-1998; USA)
Double Handled Bottle Vase
ca 1978
Earthenware; ht. 4.5, dia. 4 in.
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Gerry Williams (1926-2010;USA)
Lot # 61 - Gerry Williams (1926-2010;USA)
Exceptional Covered Jar with Applied Handles
ca 1969
Stoneware; ht. 7.5, dia. 7.75 in. 
Artist signature incised on base.

Williams hails from India, where he was born in 1926 and grew up with his American family in the last years of the British Raj. “My parents were missionaries, running a missionary school in Bengal." Always remembered as the creator and Editor of Studio Potter Magazine, he had this to say: "Before I started The Studio Potter, there were two publications for ceramics, one for galleries and shops [Craft Horizons] and one for academics [Ceramics Monthly]. I felt the working craftsmen were getting shorted. I wanted to write for people working in the studio. It's been a wonderful life."
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Potters' Market: Various Unknown Artists: Group of Three Vases and Bowl 
Lot # 311 - Potters' Market: Various Unknown Artists: Group of Three Vases and Bowl 
Group of three studio ceramic stoneware vases and bowl by various unknown artists; tallest vase: ht. 11 in.

From the Collection of Dorothy Miner.
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Abuja Plates by Abu Karo (Nigeria)
Lot # 16 - Abuja Plates by Abu Karo (Nigeria)
Group of Twelve Plates, Assorted Sizes
ca 1960s
Glazed stoneware
Six dinner plates; ht. 1.25, dia. 10 in.
Three salad plates; ht. .25, dia. 8.5 in. 
Three bread plates; largest, .25, dia. 7.5 in. 
Each with Artist AK stamp and Pottery stamp on base. 

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