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Cowan's has partnered with Garth Clark and Mark DelVecchio, internationally renowned dealers, authors, and scholars, to present semi-annual Modern Ceramics Auctions. These are the first regular auctions in the United States focused solely on modern and contemporary ceramics.

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Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio, Directors

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Garth Clark
Garth Clark is the author of over 50 books and 250 essays on 20th century and contemporary ceramics. He has received numerous honors for his work including being made a Fellow the Royal College of Art, London and honorary doctorates from Staffordshire University in Britain and the Kansas City Art Institute among others. In 2005 he was the recipient of the College Art Association's Mather Award for distinguished art journalism. In 1981, together with Mark Del Vecchio he founded the Garth Clark Gallery in Los Angeles and then New York, and Kansas City. In 2007 the gallery was closed and a new entity Clark+DelVecchio, private dealers, was formed in Santa Fe, NM.

Mark DelVecchio
Mark DelVecchio is the author of the highly-acclaimed "Post Modern Ceramics". He has received the Visionaries award from the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, a lifetime achievement award from the Friends of Contemporary Ceramics and an honorary doctorate from the Kansas City Art Institute. He has directed the Garth Clark Gallery since 1981 overseeing the presentation of more than six hundred exhibitions during the life of the gallery.  Together with Dawn Bennett and Garth Clark he organized the massive Ceramic Millennium Conference in Amsterdam in 1999 that attracted 56 national delegations and 3,500 attendees. He is now director of Clark+DelVecchio in Santa Fe, NM.


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Midcentury Danish Armchairs
Lot # 147 - Midcentury Danish Armchairs
Danish, 20th century. Three armchairs with white wool upholstered cushions, and teak wood frames; oah 29 in.
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Miner Library: [EUROPEAN] Pottery & Porcelain Ceramics 
Lot # 586 - Miner Library: [EUROPEAN] Pottery & Porcelain Ceramics 
European, includes four books on European pottery and porcelain ceramics:

Elizabeth Temple Casey, The Lucy Truman Aldrich Collection of European Porcelain Figures of the Eighteenth Century
John P. Cushion, Animals in Pottery and Porcelain
Donald L. Fennimore and Patricia A. Halfpenny, Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens at Winterthur
Aron Andersson, Aron Andersson Collection
John Ayers, The Baur Collection.
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Potters' Market: Edward Eberle Two Men-Two Dogs-Two Birds-Mouse Vase
Lot # 214 - Potters' Market: Edward Eberle Two Men-Two Dogs-Two Birds-Mouse Vase
(Born 1944, USA)

ca 1985

Black and white with detailed etched design and inscrption which reads, Two Men-Two Dogs-Two Birds-Mouse. Signed, porcelain, ht. 7.4 in.
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Judy Moonelis (1953, USA)
Lot # 185 - Judy Moonelis (1953, USA)
Untitled (Scratched Head) 
Ceramic; ht. 12, wd. 4, dp. 7 in.
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Dominick Labino, Emergence Series
Lot # 160 - Dominick Labino, Emergence Series
Dominick Labino (American, 1910-1987), 1971. A studio glass sculpture from the Emergence series, presented on a square plexiglass stand, inscribed Labino / 5-1971 on bottom; ht. 9.25 in.
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Ron Meyers (1942; Japan/USA)
Lot # 71 - Ron Meyers (1942; Japan/USA)
ca 1990
Stoneware; ht. 8.5, wd. 13, dp. 5.5 in. 

Ron Meyers is one of the most influential artists and educators living in America today. He's helped revitalize the American studio pottery, has brought about new sculptural approaches and has singularly influenced several generations of young artists. Working with red earthenware, Ron's functional pots are made in a casual and spontaneous manner reflecting the juiciness of the material as well as the pleasure of the process. His narrative, colored slip paintings of rats, fish, bats, rabbits, chickens, etc. that float on the surface in a gestural expressionistic style can be both provocative and confrontational.
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Sun-Koo Yuh (1960, Korea/USA)
Lot # 71 - Sun-Koo Yuh (1960, Korea/USA)
Earthenware; ht. 23, wd. 15, dp. 12 in.
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Otmar Side Table and Coffee Table with Glass
Lot # 325 - Otmar Side Table and Coffee Table with Glass
American, 20th century. Lot includes a walnut coffee table and side table from Otmar of Cincinnati. Each have a glass top and the coffee table features two lower pull drawers; Coffee table measures 16 h. x 72 w. x 24 d. in. Side table measures 15 h. x 30 w. x 30 d. in.
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John Maltby (1936, England)
Lot # 168 - John Maltby (1936, England)
Celadon Bowl
Porcelain; ht. 3.5, dia. 8.25 in.
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Troeds Bjarnum Bar Cabinet
Lot # 113 - Troeds Bjarnum Bar Cabinet
Swedish, 20th century. A Troeds Bjarnum teak bar cabinet in three parts, having six pull out drawers, a locking cabinet with two shelves, and a locking pull down cabinet with glass shelves, a mirrored back, and a light fixture, manufacturer's mark inside middle cabinet; ht. 54.5, wd. 50, dp. 17 in.
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Abuja Pottery Plate, by Ladi Kwali (Nigeria; 1925-83)
Lot # 2 - Abuja Pottery Plate, by Ladi Kwali (Nigeria; 1925-83)
Blue Bug Plate
ca 1960s
Glazed stoneware with incised decoration; ht. 2, dia. 10.5 in. 
Artist LK and Pottery stamps at base.
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Magdalene Odundo (1950; Kenya;Britain)
Lot # 130 - Magdalene Odundo (1950; Kenya;Britain)
Black Flared Rim Vessel
Reduction fired earthenware; ht. 14.5, dia. 12.25 in.
Artist Odundo signature and date incised on base.

Born in Nairobi, Odundo received her early education in both India and Kenya. She moved to England in 1971 to continue her training in graphic art. In 1974-1975, she visited Nigeria and Kenya to study traditional hand-built pottery techniques. She also traveled to San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico to observe the making of blackware vessels. In 1976, Odundo received a BA from St. Joseph's College of Art and Design. She then earned a master's degree at the Royal College of Art in London. She taught at the Commonwealth Institute in London from 1976 to 1979 and at the Royal College of Art from 1979 to 1982. She lives and works in Surrey.
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<i>La Melodie Acide</i> Illustrated By Joan Miro, Plus
Lot # 278 - La Melodie Acide Illustrated By Joan Miro, Plus
Joan Miro (Spanish, 1893-1983). Original text by Patrick Waldberg, signed by Patrick Waldberg, also signed by Miro in graphite on title page. Illustrated by fourteen original lithographs by Miro, all unsigned, PLUS one original lithograph, signed and numbered 47/101 by Miro in graphite on Arches paper. Included in protective slip cover; 14.25 x 11 in.
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David Shaner (1934-2002; USA)
Lot # 214 - David Shaner (1934-2002; USA)
Footed Bowl
ca 1960
ht. 5, dia. 8 in.
Artist signature on base.
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Potters' Market: Mark Shapiro Bottle Vase 
Lot # 292 - Potters' Market: Mark Shapiro Bottle Vase 
(Born 1955, USA)

ca 1985 Signed, stoneware; ht. 12 in.

From the Collection of Dorothy Miner.
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Potters' Market: Three Tea Bowls: Two by David Leach, One by Vivika and Otto Heino 
Lot # 257 - Potters' Market: Three Tea Bowls: Two by David Leach, One by Vivika and Otto Heino 
David Leach Pottery, stoneware and porcelain, ht. 3.25 in.

David Leach Pottery, stoneware, ht. 4.25 in.

Vivika Heino (1910-95, USA) and Otto Heino (1925-2009) ht. 4 in., porcelain. All signed.

From the Collection of Dorothy Miner.
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Ken Ferguson (1928-2004, USA)
Lot # 23 - Ken Ferguson (1928-2004, USA)
Pair of Shigararaki Clay Bottles
Stoneware; each ht. 10.75, dia. 4.5 in.

This handsome pair of bottles by Ken Ferguson are rare and important examples of work that was wood-fired in the kilns of Shigaraki, Japan. Very few of these pieces exist.
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Naive American Pottery Vessels
Lot # 173 - Naive American Pottery Vessels
Works from the Gallery 37 Youth Arts Program in Chicago, Illinois, 2001
Tallest: ht. 12 inches

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Miner Library: [BRITISH] Lowestoft Pottery 
Lot # 522 - Miner Library: [BRITISH] Lowestoft Pottery 
British, includes three books on Lowestoft Pottery:

Christopher Spencer, Early Lowestoft
Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum
Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum.
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Bernard Leach  (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Lot # 8 - Bernard Leach (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Ash Fired Vase with Rake Design
ca 1960s
Stoneware; ht. 10.5, dia. 9.5 in.  
Artist stamps on side. 
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