Asian Art

Cowan's is an emerging leader in the sale of Asian Art. We hold two major sales of Asian Art annually, featuring prominent Collections with an emphasis on Chinese Decorative Arts.

Department Director

Graydon Sikes

Contact Information
Contact Graydon at 513.871.1670 (ext. 225)

Graydon Sikes is the current Director of Fine Art at Cowan's Auctions in Cincinnati, OH, and has held the position since May of 2006. His areas of expertise include 19th and 20th century American paintings, with an emphasis on artists of the American West. In addition, Sikes manages the department of Asian Art at Cowan's, which has averaged $1 million in sales over the last 5 years. He is certified in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and is a licensed auctioneer in the states of Ohio and Kentucky.

Sikes has managed the sale of numerous important Collections of Western Art in the last 9 years, totaling over $10 million in sales.  He presides over 5 auctions annually in the categories of Fine Art and Asian Art. 

Sikes is a featured appraiser on the popular KET television series, Kentucky Collectibles, and well as PBS's Antiques Roadshow, beginning in 2015.  He is also a featured appraiser on Cash in the Attic, US edition. He has given numerous talks and conducted appraisal events at regional institutions.  




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Porter Pewter Coffee Pots
Lot # 231 - Porter Pewter Coffee Pots
American (Maine), 19th century. Two pewter coffee pots, one with hinged lid and wooden finial and scrolled handle,  marked A. Porter, the other with hinged lid and leaf finial and scrolled handle, marked F. Porter / Westbrook; tallest ht. 11.5 in.
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A Chinese Carved Ivory Bridge with Scholar Figures
Lot # 290 - A Chinese Carved Ivory Bridge with Scholar Figures
Chinese, early 20th century. An inked carved ivory bridge with three scholars and a crane. The carving rests on a wood stand. Lg. 10.5 in. 
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Large and Rare Ming Dynasty Roof Tile Figure
Lot # 144 - Large and Rare Ming Dynasty Roof Tile Figure
Chinese, Ming Dynasty. A massive ridge tile in green, amber, and yellow glaze depicting a high ranking warrior. These tiles were arranged along imperial ridges and reserved for the most important buildings. Ht. 22 in.
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Chinese Snuff Bottles, Plus
Lot # 1103 - Chinese Snuff Bottles, Plus
Chinese.  Three snuff bottles including an ivory snuff bottle with figural scenes in relief on each side, having a two-character Chinese mark on bottom, and a pair of blue and white snuff bottles with painted figures, unmarked. PLUS a hardstone pendant with archaistic design; largest lg. 4.25 in.

International shipping is not available for this item (ivory snuff bottle). This item will only be shipped within the United States, except to California.
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Chinese Jade Carved Toggles
Lot # 351 - Chinese Jade Carved Toggles
20th century.  A collection of five (5) carvings, including a pebble carving to reveal bird and branch, russett highlights.  Also three white jade toggles, 20th century carvings.  And finally a celadon jade toggle to reveal dragon; longest 3.75 in.
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Chinese Porcelain Bowl
Lot # 103 - Chinese Porcelain Bowl
Chinese, 19th century. This porcelain bowl displays a blue line decor stenciled on a white background on the inside, and a brown exterior. Dia. 27.5 in. 
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Chinese Double Gourd <i>Cloisonne</i> Snuff Bottle
Lot # 105 - Chinese Double Gourd Cloisonne Snuff Bottle
Chinese, 20th century.  A combined double gourd cloisonne snuff bottle in red and blue, each side with floral motifs, unmarked; ht. 3.25 in.
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Chinese Porcelain Cache Pot
Lot # 1163 - Chinese Porcelain Cache Pot
Chinese, a porcelain cache pot having polychrome figures in ceremony, marked with four red under-glaze characters; ht. 6 in.
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German Portrait Plaque
Lot # 8 - German Portrait Plaque

Germany. A hand painted plaque depicting a Victorian woman wearing a large black hat; unsigned, framed in a gold ornate shadow box frame; plaque ht. 6.5, wd. 5 in.

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Chinese Lavender Jade Plaques
Lot # 272 - Chinese Lavender Jade Plaques
China, 20th century, a group of three lavender jade plaques, richly carved and in varying colors and with russet markings, depicting Guanyin amidst mountainous landscapes, each housed on knotted wood stands; tallest 8.5 in. (21.59 cm).
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Chinese Hardstone Female Figures
Lot # 1088 - Chinese Hardstone Female Figures
Chinese.  Two hardstone female figures in a celadon and pink hardstone, each on a 20th century wooden stand; largest ht. 8 in. (without stand).
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A Very Fine Meiji Royal Satsuma Dish
Lot # 632 - A Very Fine Meiji Royal Satsuma Dish
Japanese, Meiji Period.  Stoneware tea bowl, late 19th century, Satsuma ware, decoration of women viewing cherry blossoms on interior, exterior with floral and children playing, signed Tozan; ht. of dish 2 in., ht. of box 3.75 in.  Specific provenance notes retained within box.
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Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles
Lot # 371 - Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles
A group of four snuff bottles, including two ivory snuff bottles on a wood stand decorated with a carved phoenix, two human figures, and painted characters, as well as one white jade bottle, and one glass bottles, decorated with painted floral motifs on the inside. Ht.: 3.5 in. (tallest item).
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Seven Gods and Emperor's Carriage
Lot # 176 - Seven Gods and Emperor's Carriage
Chinese, 20th century. Miniature wood emperor's carriage. Comes with two benches, two flags, and two flag holders. All items are stored in a wooden box. 12 x 4.5 x 3 in. (carriage).
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Collection of Chinese Hardstone Cups
Lot # 795 - Collection of Chinese Hardstone Cups
Chinese, 20th century.  A group of six soapstone wine cups in spinach tones; ht. 2.25 in.

Property of Conner Prairie Historical Site, Fishers, IN, sold to benefit the collections.

Collected by Eli Lilly (Indiana, 1885-1977), ca 1920s-1940s to furnish the "Chinese House" on the Conner Prairie Historic Park property.  

Eli Lilly's core collection was gifted to the Indianapolis Museum of Art after his passing.  He had an intimate relationship with important dealer C.T. Loo (1880-1957) and it is possible that some of this material offered here was purchased from Loo.
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Chinese Bronze Mythological Beasts
Lot # 1262 - Chinese Bronze Mythological Beasts
Chinese, 20th century.  A pair of bronze mythological beasts; ht. of each 5 in.
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Group of  Asian Hardstone Archer Rings
Lot # 1185 - Group of Asian Hardstone Archer Rings
Chinese. A group of three hardstone archer rings. One with water buffalos carved in relief, one with mixed metal dragon motif over hardstone, and one with mixed metal Buddha and double lotus flower motif over hardstone; largest dia. 1.5 in.
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Chinese Silver Ingots
Lot # 1404 - Chinese Silver Ingots
Chinese, a group of three silver ingots, double marked; largest 2 in.
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Unusual Chinese Carved Ivory Plaques
Lot # 137 - Unusual Chinese Carved Ivory Plaques
Each 20th century. A pair of relief carved plaques with peacocks, and one with a pair of scholars; each signed. Ht. 7 in. (17.8 cm), wd. 5.5 in. (14 cm).

International shipping is not available for this item. This item will only be shipped within the United States.
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Jade Carving of Phoenix, Dove, and Flowers, and Jade Belt Hook
Lot # 188 - Jade Carving of Phoenix, Dove, and Flowers, and Jade Belt Hook
Chinese, 19th century. Light green jade carving of a phoenix, two doves, and flowers. 5 x 4.5 in. Carved smoky amber jade belt hook for Mandarin coat. 3 in. 
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