Asian Art

Cowan's is an emerging leader in the sale of Asian Art. We hold two major sales of Asian Art annually, featuring prominent Collections with an emphasis on Chinese Decorative Arts.

Department Director

Graydon Sikes

Contact Information
Contact Graydon at 513.871.1670 (ext. 225)

Graydon Sikes is the current Director of Fine Art at Cowan's Auctions in Cincinnati, OH, and has held the position since May of 2006. His areas of expertise include 19th and 20th century American paintings, with an emphasis on artists of the American West. In addition, Sikes manages the department of Asian Art at Cowan's, which has averaged $1 million in sales over the last 5 years. He is certified in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and is a licensed auctioneer in the states of Ohio and Kentucky.

Sikes has managed the sale of numerous important Collections of Western Art in the last 9 years, totaling over $10 million in sales.  He presides over 5 auctions annually in the categories of Fine Art and Asian Art. 

Sikes is a featured appraiser on the popular KET television series, Kentucky Collectibles, and well as PBS's Antiques Roadshow, beginning in 2015.  He is also a featured appraiser on Cash in the Attic, US edition. He has given numerous talks and conducted appraisal events at regional institutions.  




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Chinese Amber Zodiac Ball
Lot # 1217 - Chinese Amber Zodiac Ball
Chinese, a carved amber ball with the twelve animals of the Asian zodiac; dia. 3.5 in.
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Pair of Porcelain Foo Dogs
Lot # 92 - Pair of Porcelain Foo Dogs
Continental, 20th Century.  Pair of two porcelain foo dogs, stamped inside base ETHAN ALLEN/ 43-3040/R.N. 48864/ MADE IN/ ITALY; Ht. each 16.5 in.
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Four Figural Porcelain Snuff Bottles
Lot # 289 - Four Figural Porcelain Snuff Bottles
Chinese, 20th century. Four porcelain snuff in the form of figures, the stoppers standing for hats. Ht. 3.25 in. (tallest bottle).
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Chinese Accessories
Lot # 1208 - Chinese Accessories
Chinese, includes an unmarked inro case with gilt floral decoration, two signed ivory netsukes depicting a seated man, an unmarked square ryusa with stylistic dragons, and a round Tsuishue manju netsuke; inro ht. 3.5 in.
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Chinese Embroidered Panels with Birds
Lot # 208 - Chinese Embroidered Panels with Birds
Chinese, 20th century.  A pair of embroidered panels each depicting a scene with birds perched atop a tree with chickens on the ground, unmarked; 36 x 10.5 in. 
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Chinese Carved Jadeite Boulder on Stand
Lot # 266 - Chinese Carved Jadeite Boulder on Stand
20th century. Bright green and russet jadeite carving of immortal in grotto with fitted rosewood stand; ht. 9 in.
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Chinese Porcelain Brush Washer
Lot # 391 - Chinese Porcelain Brush Washer
Chinese. A white and green porcelain footed brush washer in the form of lingchih mushrooms, with four character impressed chinlong mark on bottom; lg. 5 in.
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Japanese <i>Cloisonné</i> Vases
Lot # 377 - Japanese Cloisonné Vases
Japanese, early 20th century.  A fine pair of cloisonné vases each depicting a bird in a flowering branch against a soft blue background, unmarked; ht. 9.75 in.
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Ming Period Bronze Figure
Lot # 359 - Ming Period Bronze Figure
Chinese, Ming dynasty. A bronze standing figure, most likely a Guanyin, holding a cup at heart center. Illegible mark on back; ht. 6.25 in.
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53 Stations by Hiroshige, Boxed Posthumous Edition
Lot # 397 - 53 Stations by Hiroshige, Boxed Posthumous Edition
20th century. A posthumous edition of Hiroshige's 53 Stations of the Tokaido Road, cover sheet, boxed; box measuring 13.5 x 19.5 in.
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Japanese Woodblocks of Laborers by Bafuko Ohno
Lot # 145 - Japanese Woodblocks of Laborers by Bafuko Ohno
Bafuko Ohno (Japanese, 1888-1976), four prints of laborers, the two vertical ones signed with artist's name, English name, and monogram l.l. and l.r.; the two horizontal ones with only artist's name and monogram l.l. and l.r.; 14.25 x 9.5 in.
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Chinese Open Dish
Lot # 1112 - Chinese Open Dish
Chinese, an open dish with flowers and auspicious marks in iron red, with four character Tongzhi mark in overglaze red; ht. 2.25, wd. 7.5, dp. 5.5 in.
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Chinese Rosewood Bench
Lot # 1058 - Chinese Rosewood Bench
Chinese. A rosewood bench of box form with satin cushion, having a slatted rectangular back, joined by lower slatted arms to the paneled seat, raised on columnar legs joined by a box stretcher; ht. 37, wd. 42, dp. 16 in.
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Ivory Dragon Bridges
Lot # 1183 - Ivory Dragon Bridges
Chinese, includes one carved ivory dragon bridge and one carved ivory dragon and bird bridge, each on 20th century stand; largest lg. 11.5 in., smallest lg. 8 in.
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Chinese Ivory Puzzle Ball
Lot # 188 - Chinese Ivory Puzzle Ball
Chinese.  An ornately carved ivory puzzle ball with 22 layers, having pierced dragons at the base, with female figures at the bottom part of the shaft, with a central puzzle ball and pierced column, all which supports a large multi-layered, detachable puzzle ball with floral, bird, and phoenix motifs, unmarked, on a wooden stand; ht. 20 in. 

International shipping is not available for this item. This item will only be shipped within the United States, except to California.
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Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Covered Dish
Lot # 684 - Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Covered Dish
Chinese, late 19th century. An unusual blue and white covered dish with underglaze blue decoration of flowers. It contains a compartmentalized interior, decorated with bats and tobacco leaves. Shop mark on base; dia. 7.5 in.
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Chinese Bencharong Bowl
Lot # 176 - Chinese Bencharong Bowl
Chinese, 19th century. A hand-painted Bencharong porcelain bowl made for the Thai market. With a figure on the interior surrounded by a yellow band and a brown band of floral decoration, having on the outside four lobed cartouches each featuring a mythical animal. With an iron-red cross-hatched ground, unmarked; dia. 8.75 in. (22.2 cm).
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Lifetime Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles
Lot # 383 - Lifetime Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles
Asia, most 19th century, several bottles 20th century.  A collection of 25 snuff bottles, amassed with a mind for variety.  Descriptions of the bottles are as follows:

- Peking glass bottle, eggplant shaped, green glass top
- Mother-of-pearl and lacquer bottle, imperial form, matching top
- Carved ivory pebble form bottle
- Tibetan broad formed bottle, metalwork with bejeweled top
- Coral bottle with bird and branch carving, flush red color
- Tibetan metalwork bottle with ivory plaque inserted having incised carving
- Tibetan metalwork and enamel bottle having relief figures
- Carved cinnabar bottle, lacking top
- Tibetan silver relief bottle, malachite and coral inserts
- Hardstone bottle, archaic carving
- Agate bottle, having branch carving in relief
- A finely carved ivory bottle with scholar carvings, matching top
- Malachite bottle, phoenix carved in relief
- Nephrite jade bottle, 19th century, scholars carved in russet areas
- Turquoise carved bottle
- Lapis lazuli, simple form with acanthus leaf carving
- Quartz bottle, purple tones
- Polychrome ivory bottle in shape of Guanyin
- 19th century Tibetan bottle, mixture of metalwork and cinnabar carving
- Conical ivory bottle, surround leaf carving
- 19th century blue and white porcelain bottle
- Mother of pearl bottle
- Inside painted bottle, having previous use and murky scene
- Inside painted crystal bottle
- Inside painted crystal bottle having mountainous scene.

Each bottle with stand included.
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Chinese Coral Figure of a Maiden
Lot # 1444 - Chinese Coral Figure of a Maiden
Chinese, a coral figure of a maiden with upraised arms on 20th century wooden stand; ht. 3.5 in. (without stand).
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Carved Jade <i>Bi</i> Disk
Lot # 158 - Carved Jade Bi Disk
Chinese, probably 18th century. A superbly carved and polished nephrite jade Bi disk with relief chihlong to front, and stippling to reverse, all finely carved and handled. The stone is a translucent nephrite with small, natural russet marking to perimeter, on stand. Consistent with Imperial workmanship. Dia. 3, dp. .5 in.
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