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**Parker Brothers Side By Side Shotgun
8/18/2016 - Firearms and Accoutrements: Live Salesroom Auction
12 gauge, 30" barrel length, S/N 189019, "Parker Bros." marked on each side of the frame with a border engraving.  Patent dates marked on the inside of the frame.  Plaque on the bottom of the butt stock.  Double triggers.  Blue barrels with steel frame.  Checkered walnut pistol grip stock and forearm with Parker Brothers pistol grip cap.  Black butt plate with an embossed image of hunting dog.

Retains most of the blue finish mixing with a very fine salt and pepper pitting.  Frame has been lightly cleaned but leaving good crisp markings.  Stock has nicks and dings.  Has been cleaned.  Butt plate has a chip missing the lower portion of the butt plate. Bores are very good.  Mechanically very good.
Est $600 - $900
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*Ruger MK II Target Pistol
Lot # 541 - *Ruger MK II Target Pistol
.22 LR caliber, 4.75" barrel, S/N 219-94168. Stainless finish, black plastic grips. In original case with lock and additional magazine. > Item Details
**<i>The New England</i> Double Barrel Shotgun
Lot # 420 - **The New England Double Barrel Shotgun
12 gauge, 32" barrels, S/N 23056. Matching numbers throughout. The lockplates are stamped The New England. Pistol grip checkered walnut stock and forearm, with hard rubber gripcap and buttplate. > Item Details
Lecco Model 512 Tear Gas Revolver With Holster
Lot # 35 - Lecco Model 512 Tear Gas Revolver With Holster
Lake Erie Chemical Company (LECCO) acquired the patent rights to manufacture this tear gas revolver from Manville after WWII. They called it the Model 512. It has five chambers that accommodate 12 gauge tear gas cartridges with leather holster. You wouldn’t want to try firing a shotgun shell in this... > Item Details
**Russian Izhevsk Mosin-Nagant Rifle
Lot # 175 - **Russian Izhevsk Mosin-Nagant Rifle
7.62x54mm caliber, 30" barrel, S/N 105219. With matching numbers on the receiver, bolt, floorplate and buttplate. The receiver is marked with several Russian proofs, and the bolt bears a star marking on the top. The receiver ring is dated 1932. The previous owner of the rifle has laser etched other ... > Item Details
*Ruger 22/45 MKIII Semi-Auto Pistol
Lot # 550 - *Ruger 22/45 MKIII Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR Caliber, 4.5" barrel length, S/N 274-19692, left side of the action marked with Sturm Ruger address in 2 lines.  Right side marked "Ruger 22/45 MK II" over ".22 Long Rifle".  Blue finish throughout with black checkered grips.  Grips have Ruger logo on each side.  Comes in... > Item Details
19th Century Mixed Single Iron Stirrup Collection, Lot of 12
Civil War Cap Box and Later Spurs From The Jim Richie Collection
Lot # 164 - Civil War Cap Box and Later Spurs From The Jim Richie Collection
Standard civil war cap box with name etched in leather J. Rach....? and a pair of later spurs. > Item Details
Rum Kegs Lot of Two
Lot # 805 - Rum Kegs Lot of Two
Larger Rum keg measures 8.75" x 5.25 and the smaller rum keg measures 3"x5". > Item Details
*Glock G-17 Semi-Auto Pistol
Lot # 509 - *Glock G-17 Semi-Auto Pistol
9 x 19 caliber, 4.5" barrel lengh, S/N VPS827, left side of slide action marked "Glock" next to "17 Gen 4" next to "Austria".  Blue finish on slide action with black polymer frame.  Comes with 2 extra magazines and 4 grip adapters. Comes in original box. > Item Details
*S&W Model 360J  Revolver
Lot # 342 - *S&W Model 360J Revolver
.38 spl. Caliber, 1.875" barrel length, S/N CYT3633, markings on the right side of the frame with Smith & Wesson logo and under cylinder "Airweight". Right side of the barrel marked "Smith & Wesson" over ".38 SPL+P".  Blue finish with black rubber S&W logo grips.  Comes in ori... > Item Details
**German WWII P-38 Pistol and Holster With Capture Papers
Lot # 100 - **German WWII P-38 Pistol and Holster With Capture Papers
9mm caliber, 5" barrel, S/N 5102 m. Marked on the left side of frame P-38 AC over 43. Grooved brown Bakelite grips. Green grained leather shoulder holster and capture papers. also included is a book on the Walther P-38 by Maj. George C. Nonte > Item Details
**Chinese SKS Rifle
Lot # 647 - **Chinese SKS Rifle
7.62x39 caliber, 20" barrel, S/N 2201402. Blue finish, hardwood stock. Folding bayonet, black tactical stock with scope mount and black nylon sling. > Item Details
**Century Arms AK-47 Semi-Auto Rifle
Lot # 641 - **Century Arms AK-47 Semi-Auto Rifle
7.62x39 cal., 16" barrel, S/N Z 000869. Matte black finish, black plastic furniture. > Item Details
Three WWI Artillery Shell Casings
Lot # 880 - Three WWI Artillery Shell Casings
Brass, two are for the German 77 field gun, one for the French 75. > Item Details
German Ersatz Crank Handle Bayonet with Scabbard
Lot # 325 - German Ersatz Crank Handle Bayonet with Scabbard
 6" blade maker marked Demag and shows light scuffs and scratches. Metal handle retains  most of its original green paint. Push button functions fine. Scabbard is a leather field replacement. > Item Details
Full-Stock Manton Percussion Rifle
Lot # 64 - Full-Stock Manton Percussion Rifle
.40 caliber, 43" octagonal barrel. Notched rear sight with blade front sight.  Forward action percussion lock marked Manton.  Maple stock with brass furniture. > Item Details
Ottoman Empire Flintlock Pistol with Elaborate Silverwork
Lot # 1 - Ottoman Empire Flintlock Pistol with Elaborate Silverwork
.50 caliber, 12" silver embossed barrel, checkered walnut stock with floral design silver inlay, > Item Details
Lot of Contemporary and Replica Saddle Shabraques, Blanket and Pad
Lot # 409 - Lot of Contemporary and Replica Saddle Shabraques, Blanket and Pad
Includes a blue velvet shabraque with double yellow border bands and embroidered with two general's stars, lined in matching blue velvet.  Second example is dark blue wool with yellow cotton border, lined in blue cotton.  The third specimen was formerly a police horse shabraque, dark ... > Item Details
Clipped Point Bowie Knife
Lot # 48 - Clipped Point Bowie Knife
4.5" clipped point blade with white bone handle. No maker mark. Red enameled scabbard with German silver plate inlet in scabbard. > Item Details
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