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Copy of Van Dyck's Portrait of Charles I
12/11/2015 - Paintings and Works on Paper: Live Online Auction
American, late 19th century. Oil on canvas housed in a wood frame depicting a forest scene with two figures, unsigned; 26.5 x 35.75 in. (sight).

Two punctures, 1.5 in. long, one in center of canvas, the other towards the top center of the canvas.
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Floyd Berg (American, 20th Century)
Lot # 111 - Floyd Berg (American, 20th Century)
Crosley Fieldphotographic print on papersigned and numbered 162/750 in marginframed15 x 19 in. (sight) > Item Details
John Franklin Earhart (American, 1853-1938)
Lot # 57 - John Franklin Earhart (American, 1853-1938)
Landscape oil on canvassigned and dated 1905 l.r.framed4.25 x 6.25 in. (sight) > Item Details
Jackson Henry Simpson (Scottish, 1893-1963)
Lot # 10 - Jackson Henry Simpson (Scottish, 1893-1963)
The Water Cartetchingsigned l.r.titled l.l.framed5.25 x 8.75 in. (plate size) > Item Details
<i>Cincinnati, The Queen City of the West in 1876</i> by John Stobart
Lot # 16 - Cincinnati, The Queen City of the West in 1876 by John Stobart
John Stobart (English, b. 1929). Framed limited edition reproduction print published by Maritime Heritage Prints, with a Closson label in back of frame, titled l.c., signed in pencil l.r. and numbered 89/750 in pencil l.r.; 20 x 31.75 in. (plate size). > Item Details
Hugh Huntington Howard (American, 1860-1927)
Lot # 54 - Hugh Huntington Howard (American, 1860-1927)
Stream Sceneoil on boardsigned l.l.framed23.5 x 26.75 in. (sight) > Item Details
Leonard Baskin (American, 1922-2000)
Lot # 12 - Leonard Baskin (American, 1922-2000)
Eakins: 1915etchingsigned l.r.titled l.l.numbered 21/50 l.c.framed 4.75 x 2.75 in. (plate size) > Item Details
Edward Weston (American, 1886-1958)
Lot # 121 - Edward Weston (American, 1886-1958)
Nudephotogravureunsignedframed9.25 x 7.25 in. (sight) > Item Details
Carlo Wahlbeck (Swedish, b. 1933)
Lot # 91 - Carlo Wahlbeck (Swedish, b. 1933)
Journeyoil on coppersigned l.l. and on reversetitled on reverseframed4.75 x 6.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Orientalist Painting Signed E. Claus Jeude
Lot # 141 - Orientalist Painting Signed E. Claus Jeude
Man on Horsebackwatercolor on papersigned l.r.framed17.5 x 14.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Carmen Parra (Mexican, b. 1944)
Lot # 81 - Carmen Parra (Mexican, b. 1944)
Parroquia de San Joseserigraph signed and dated '81 l.r. numbered l.l.unframed, rolled47.5 x 31.5 in. > Item Details
Paul Jacoulet (French, 1902-1960)
Lot # 143 - Paul Jacoulet (French, 1902-1960)
Le Nid: CoreeLes Jades: MandchoukuoChagrin d'Amour: Kusai(3) woodcuts on rice papereach signed in plate5.75 x 3.75 in. (plate size of each)These woodcuts were laid on paper and used to decorate the front pages of Christmas cards. > Item Details
George Nickell Smith (American, 1882-1965)
Lot # 51 - George Nickell Smith (American, 1882-1965)
Lingering Lightoil on canvas boardsigned and dated 1937 l.l.framed15.5 x 19.5 in. (sight)Artist certificate label on reverse of board, The FIRST 'isochromatic' Exhibition of Oil Paintings > Item Details
Paul Chidlaw (American, 1900-1989)
Lot # 29 - Paul Chidlaw (American, 1900-1989)
Untitledwatercolorsigned l.r.framed3.75 x 5.75 in. (sight) > Item Details
J. Allan (English, 19th century)
Lot # 64 - J. Allan (English, 19th century)
The Cliffs of Ulsteroil on canvasunsignedartist name and title inscribed on frameframed11.5 x 17.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Edward Timothy Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Lot # 18 - Edward Timothy Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Fountain at Nightetching on papersigned in plate margin l.r.framed11.5 x 9 in. (sight) > Item Details
Spanish Genre Scene
Lot # 131 - Spanish Genre Scene
Spanish, 19th century. Framed oil on mahogany panel depicting a patio scene with a couple, unsigned; 3.5 x 5.25 in. (sight). > Item Details
After Frederick Carl Frieseke (American, 1874-1939)
Lot # 124 - After Frederick Carl Frieseke (American, 1874-1939)
Girl in Interioroil on boardunsignedframed9.5 x 8.25 in. (sight) > Item Details
Alice Hartwick (American, 1876-?)
Lot # 38 - Alice Hartwick (American, 1876-?)
Still Life with Flowers in Potoil on canvassigned l.r.framed23.5 x 19.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Lewis Henry Meakin (American, 1850-1917)
Lot # 22 - Lewis Henry Meakin (American, 1850-1917)
Forest Landscapeetching on papersigned and dated 1822 in plate l.r.pencil signed l.r.5.5 x 7.25 in. (sight) > Item Details
Style of Maurice Utrillo (French School, first half 20th century)
Lot # 76 - Style of Maurice Utrillo (French School, first half 20th century)
Autumn Street Sceneoil on masoniteunsignedframed8.5 x 11.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
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