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Gordon Baldwin (1932; England)
10/23/2015 - Modern Ceramics and Art: Live Saleseroom Auction
Porcelain; ht. 13, wd. 13, dp. 14.25 in.
Artist GB 89 signature and date incised on base. 

Baldwin is one of the pioneering modernists of British ceramics emerging in the late 1950's with other organic abstractionists such as Ruth Duckworth and Dan Arbeid. He has had a strong influence on younger generations of British ceramists including Martin Smith. This sculptural vessel is classic within Baldwin's oeuvre. The basis of works to come can be seen in this early and exceptional piece.

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Albert Green (1914-1994; USA)
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Blue and White Tea Bowl ca 1975-1985 Stoneware; ht. 3.75, dia. 6 in. Unsigned The career of Green is now being revisited by collectors of mid-century modern ceramics. These works show he was a fearless colorist and able to create a unique synthesis of Sung and Abstract Expressi... > Item Details
Andrea Gill (1948; USA)
Lot # 36 - Andrea Gill (1948; USA)
Madonna ca 1985 Earthenware; ht. 19, wd. 9.5, dp. 4.5 in. Artist signature A. Gill slip signed at base. Andrea Gill's use of majolica (earthenware pottery decorated with brightly colored lead glazes) is a significant element in American ceramics. In particular, the &qu... > Item Details
Louise Nevelson (Russian-American, 1899-1988)
Lot # 155 - Louise Nevelson (Russian-American, 1899-1988)
Collage, From the Facade Portfoliolayered screenprint and photographic print on papersigned and dated 1966, l.r.numbered 8/150 l.l.framed22.5 x 17 in. (sight) > Item Details
Leon Rosen for <i>Pace</i> Dining Table
Lot # 201 - Leon Rosen for Pace Dining Table
American, ca 1970s. A Modernist glass and polished stainless steel round dining or breakfast table by Leon Rosen for Pace Collection; ht. 29, dia. 48 in. > Item Details
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