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Gertruge Grigorov (Russian/American, 20th century)
9/4/2015 - Studio Paintings: Live Online Auction
Lake Scene
oil on canvas
signed l.r.
7.5 x 9.5 in. (sight)
Sold: $30.75
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Naive Kentucky Mill Painting
Lot # 20 - Naive Kentucky Mill Painting
Ca 1870s.  Oil on canvas, a naive landscape with mill, cows, river and farmer, gloomy yet vibrant sky, discovered in Paris County, KY; 28 x 39 in. (sight). > Item Details
Style of Oswaldo Guayasamin
Lot # 131 - Style of Oswaldo Guayasamin
Oswaldo Guayasmin, (Ecuadorian painter and muralist, 1919-1999) Oil on canvas, signed lower right; 39.5 in. x 55 in. In the manner of the artist. This work contains an original receipt for another painting purchased by the same previous owner from Taller Guayasamin, both signed by the owner a... > Item Details
Audrey Davis (American, 20th-21st century)
Lot # 73 - Audrey Davis (American, 20th-21st century)
Mountain Adobe and Mountain Scenetwo pastels on sanded papersigned l.r. and l.l.one titled to reverse of frameeach framed19 x 23 in. (larger sight) > Item Details
Wallace Kelly (American, 20th century)
Lot # 140 - Wallace Kelly (American, 20th century)
5 Bores - 1 Boredcolored linocut on papersigned in pencil l.r. and in printnumbered 6/25 l.c.titled l.l.framed18 x 25 in. (sight) > Item Details
Emma Mendenhall (American, 1873-1964)
Lot # 13 - Emma Mendenhall (American, 1873-1964)
Alley in Clifton, Cincinnati watercolor on paper signed l.r. framed 18.25 x 13.75 in. (sight) > Item Details
Japanese Woodblock in Colors, Triptych
Lot # 129 - Japanese Woodblock in Colors, Triptych
Late 19th centurya triptych in carved frame14 x 30 in. (sight) > Item Details
Continental School (late 19th century)
Lot # 98 - Continental School (late 19th century)
Mountain Scene with House and Figure oil on canvas unsigned 29.5 x 23.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
After Bartholomeus Van Der Helst (Dutch, 1613-1670)
Lot # 114 - After Bartholomeus Van Der Helst (Dutch, 1613-1670)
Duel, Trojan Waroil on canvastitled on plaqueunsigned 19th century copyframed21.75 x 36.75 in. (sight) > Item Details
Daud Akhriev (Russian-American, 1959-)
Lot # 149 - Daud Akhriev (Russian-American, 1959-)
Still Life with Apples oil on panel signed l.r. housed in a gilt frame 15.5 x 19.5 in. (sight). > Item Details
Paul Dominique Philipoteaux (French, 1846-1923)
Lot # 103 - Paul Dominique Philipoteaux (French, 1846-1923)
Soldier on the Streetoil on canvassigned l.l.plaque on frame16 x 12.25 in. (sight) > Item Details
Charles Meurer (American, 1865-1955)
Lot # 24 - Charles Meurer (American, 1865-1955)
Still life with flowers oil on canvas signed and dated 1942, l.r. 22.25 x 15.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Romantic School (American, mid 19th century)
Lot # 86 - Romantic School (American, mid 19th century)
Nocturnal Dance Scene of Two Figures in Red Dressoil on canvasunsignedhoused in carved gilt frame5.75 x 7.75 in. (sight)  > Item Details
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (English, 1901-1971)
Lot # 92 - Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (English, 1901-1971)
The Thatcheretching on papersigned in pencil l.rnumbered 72/75 l.l.unframed but comes with mat7.5 x 6 in. (plate size) > Item Details
Chaim Gross (American, 1904-1991)
Lot # 145 - Chaim Gross (American, 1904-1991)
Portrait of Marc Chagall, 1971oil on canvassigned and dated l.r.inscribed on verso by the artist, again dated18 x 13.25 in. (sight)Chaim Gross was friendly with Chagall since 1943, and visited the artist in both 1970 and 1971 at his home in St. Paul Vence, France. Gross, a sculptor, execut... > Item Details
Simon Baus (American, 1882-1969)
Lot # 40 - Simon Baus (American, 1882-1969)
Fall Landscapeoil on board signed l.l.12 x 16 in. (sight)housed in original Arts & Crafts frame > Item Details
Helgy White (American, 1925-2011)
Lot # 74 - Helgy White (American, 1925-2011)
Hondo in Mayoil on boardsigned l.l.titled on reverseframed(sight) 7.75 x 9.5 in. > Item Details
H. Julien (American, 20th century)
Lot # 78 - H. Julien (American, 20th century)
Winter Scene with Horseoil on boardsigned and date 1943 l.l.framed21.5 x 27.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Otto Schultz Stradtmann (German, 1892-1960)
Lot # 97 - Otto Schultz Stradtmann (German, 1892-1960)
Three Still Lifes oil on board all signed l.r. two dated 1938 l.r. 11 x 15 in. (largest) > Item Details
Dutch Winter Landscape
Lot # 115 - Dutch Winter Landscape
Early 20th centuryoil on canvassigned l.l.9.75 x 12.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989)
Lot # 126 - Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989)
Al MataderoEtching in colorsigned and numbered 77/200 in margin9 x 6 in. (plate size) > Item Details
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