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Sir Frank Short (British, 1857-1945)
7/10/2015 - Prints and Works on Paper: Online Bidsquare Auction
A Span of Old Battersea Bridge 
signed l.r. 
late 19th century-early 20th century
11.5 x 7.25 in. (sight) 

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Anders Zorn (Swedish, 1860-1920)
Lot # 58 - Anders Zorn (Swedish, 1860-1920)
The New Maidetching signed l.r., and signed and dated 1909 l.l. within plateframed7.75 x 11.75 in. (print size) > Item Details
Olaf Wieghorst (American, 1899-1988)
Lot # 81 - Olaf Wieghorst (American, 1899-1988)
Trail of 49etching and aquatint on papersigned and dated l.r. in margintitled l.l. in margin6.75 x 4.75 in. (sight)On verso of impression is a Swedish inscription.  This impression was consigned from Sweden and Wieghorst had a following there. > Item Details
William Sharp (American, 1900-1961)
Lot # 85 - William Sharp (American, 1900-1961)
The Alger Hiss Triallithograph on papersigned l.r. in margin and l.l. in platedated 1949 l.l. in plateunframed9.75 x 14 in. (plate size)Includes original AAA label. > Item Details
Mario Avati (French, 1921-2009)
Lot # 96 - Mario Avati (French, 1921-2009)
4 samples from Noah's Ark, a series of 10, including:Criquet ChouettesPoulePapillonsmezzotints on papereach signed l.r.each numbered l.l., respectively 25/75, 24/75, 23/75, 12/75each titled l.c.each framed8.5 x 8.25 in. (plate size of each) > Item Details
Kerr Eby (Canadian, 1889-1946)
Lot # 47 - Kerr Eby (Canadian, 1889-1946)
Lobster Baitetching signed l.r.framed 1941 14.5 x 9.75 in. (print size)Includes two exhibition catalogs, "Etchings and Dry Points by Kerr Eby" published by Frederick Keppel & Co., 1930, and "On Exhibition: Etchings by Kerr Eby" published by Frederick Keppel & Co., 1938.  > Item Details
Edward Timothy Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Lot # 65 - Edward Timothy Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Erie Canal, Dayton, Ohioline etching signed and dated 1917 l.r. and signed within plate l.l.not framed 12 x 10 in. (print size) Includes The Etchings of E. T. Hurley, published by Cincinnati Art Galleries, in which Erie Canal, Dayton, Ohio is featured.  > Item Details
Joseph Gray (British, 1890-1962)
Lot # 14 - Joseph Gray (British, 1890-1962)
Sketch of a Dutch Sailorunique keypoint proof signed and dated 1924 l.r. marked 1 proof only l.l.framed9 x 6.75 in. (print size)  > Item Details
Edmund Osthaus (German-American, 1858-1928)
Lot # 80 - Edmund Osthaus (German-American, 1858-1928)
Setter, Sporting Illustrationcolor lithograph on papersigned l.r.mat with stamp Smith Guns / Shoot Well / Hunter Arms Co. / Fulton N.Y.9 x 12.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
James McBey (British, 1883-1959)
Lot # 11 - James McBey (British, 1883-1959)
Riva at Duskdrypointsigned l.r. and dated 20 October 1925 l.l.numbered VIII l.l.framed15.75 x 9.5 in. (print size)  > Item Details
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (British, 1890-1978)
Lot # 39 - Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (British, 1890-1978)
Anais II etching signed l.r. and dated 1930 l.l. framed7 x 9 in. (print size)  > Item Details
Sir Frank Short (British, 1857-1945)
Lot # 25 - Sir Frank Short (British, 1857-1945)
A Fen Country Bridge etching marked with artist's insignia l.r., signed in pencil l.r.framed late 19th century-early 20th century 11 x 7.5 in. (sight)  > Item Details
Sir Muirhead Bone (Scottish, 1876-1953)
Lot # 32 - Sir Muirhead Bone (Scottish, 1876-1953)
Canal and Bridge of S. S. Apostoli, Veniceoriginal drypoint  signed l.r.framed early 20th century 9 x 12.75 in. (print size) Includes The Print-Collector's Bulletin: An Illustrated Catalogue for Museums and Collectors, Dry Points by Muirhead Bone, published by M. Knoedler &a... > Item Details
Sir David Young Cameron (Scottish, 1865-1945)
Lot # 15 - Sir David Young Cameron (Scottish, 1865-1945)
Afterglow (or Evening) on the Findhornetching and drypointsigned l.r. framedlate 19th century-early 20th century8 x 8.75 in. (print) > Item Details
Gene Kloss (American, 1903-1996)
Lot # 82 - Gene Kloss (American, 1903-1996)
Road in Ranchos de Taos etching signed l.r. titled l.l. framed 20th century 7 x 5 in. (print size)  > Item Details
Sir Frank Short (British, 1857-1945) after J.M.W. Turner (British, 1775-1851)
Lot # 26 - Sir Frank Short (British, 1857-1945) after J.M.W. Turner (British, 1775-1851)
Maconmezzotint artist's insignia l.l. and signed in pencil l.r. labeled Drawn by J.M.W. Turner R.A. l.l., labeled Macon/From an Unpublished Drawing for the Liber Studiorum in the possession of Henry Vaughan Esq. l.c., and labeled Etched & Engraved by F. Sh... > Item Details
Rembrandt Van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669)
Lot # 3 - Rembrandt Van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669)
Nude Man Seated on Ground with One Leg Extended etching on laid paper signed and dated 1646 within plate, l.l.  framedca. early 19th century 4.25 x 7 in. (print size)  Bartsch 196 Includes volume two, number six of The Print-Collector's Bulletin: An ... > Item Details
Alphonse Legros (French, 1837-1911)
Lot # 56 - Alphonse Legros (French, 1837-1911)
Le Repos du Voyageuretchingsigned l.r. framed late 19th century5.25 x 3.75 in. (print size) > Item Details
Elyse Ashe Lord (British, 1900-1971)
Lot # 94 - Elyse Ashe Lord (British, 1900-1971)
The New Babydrypoint and colored woodblock signed l.r. framed 20th century10.75 x 8.75 in. (print size)  > Item Details
Sir David Young Cameron (Scottish, 1865-1945)
Lot # 21 - Sir David Young Cameron (Scottish, 1865-1945)
The Chimera of Amiensetching with drypointsigned l.r. and u.l. framedlate 19th century-early 20th century 7.25 x 9.5 in. (print size)  > Item Details
Sir Muirhead Bone (Scottish, 1876-1953)
Lot # 33 - Sir Muirhead Bone (Scottish, 1876-1953)
Windy Night, Stockholmoriginal drypointsigned l.r. and l.l. framed1935 7.75 x 11.75 in. (print size)  > Item Details
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