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Pablo Picasso (Spain; 1881-1973)
5/28/2015 - Modern Ceramics: Live Salesroom Auction
Chouette; Madoura Owl
Earthenware; ht. 11.5, wd. 9, dp. 5.5 in.
Stamped Edition Picasso / Madoura Plein Feu; incised Edition Picasso / 30/350 / Madoura

The Owl has been a favorite form of potters in Asia, south America and Europe with the earliest examples dating back 4000 years. The bird's plump body and large jutting head allowed for generous interpretation as a jar or vase shape.
Picasso, with his deep knowledge of ceramic history was well aware of this lineage. In his birth country of Spain, some of the most impressive examples occur in the Hispano Moresque wares from the mid-14th century, decadently painted in shimmering luster. The Owls make their appearance in Picasso's career on large platters and vessels as fantastical creatures. Picasso's notebooks are filled with hundreds of variations of the Owl vessel theme, the architecture of which both charmed and fascinated him.
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Jun Kaneko (1942; Japan/USA)
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Pablo Picasso (Spain; 1881-1973)
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Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008; USA)
Lot # 53 - Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008; USA)
Large Iris Bowl with Luster Detailing ca 1975 Porcelain; ht. 6.25, dia. 16.25 inches. Signed Bacerra on base. Impeccably thrown and glazed, this is one of the classic Bacerra works of the mid 1970's. A star of post-WWII studio pottery, Ralph Bacerra’s dazz... > Item Details
Colin Pearson (1923-2007; Britain)
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Michael Lucero (1953; USA)
Lot # 61 - Michael Lucero (1953; USA)
Pre-Colombus Female 1991 Earthenware, ht. 16.5, wd. 7.5, dp. 6 in. Signed Made by Michael Lucero N.Y.C. at rear. Dated in bar-code on verso. The Pre-Columbus figures have a special place in Lucero’s oeuvre bringing out the full range of his palette and sculptural inventiveness... > Item Details
Gertrud and Otto Natzler (1908-1971 and 1908-2007; Austria/USA)
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Exceptional Large Crater Plate Earthenware; dia. 15.5, ht. 3.25 in. Artist signature on base with label reading "2.NATZLER" 1938 marked the beginning of the Naztlers' serious commitment to their craft. After winning the silver medal on March 11 of that year, th... > Item Details
Bernard Leach  (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Lot # 14 - Bernard Leach (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Classic Square Tenmoku Bottle ca 1960 Stoneware; ht. 7.75, wd. 5, dp. 3.25 in.  Artist stamp on inside of foot. This handsome press molded bottle features Leach’s elegant relief drawing. Tenmoku iron glaze “breaks” on the edges producing a rich red-rust wash o... > Item Details
Gertrud and Otto Natzler (1908-1971 and 1908-2007; Austria/USA)
Lot # 22 - Gertrud and Otto Natzler (1908-1971 and 1908-2007; Austria/USA)
Brilliant Gloss Green Bowl 1962 Earthenware; ht. 2,  dia. 7.5 in. Artist signature on base with paper label "L881". 1938 marked the beginning of the Naztlers' serious commitment to their craft. After winning the silver medal on March 11 of that year, the c... > Item Details
Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008; USA)
Lot # 52 - Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008; USA)
Luster Cup 1993 Porcelain; ht. 3, wd. 5, dp. 3 inches Signed and dated, Bacerra '93, on base. A star of post-WWII studio pottery, Ralph Bacerra’s dazzlingly work is prized both polychromatically and technically. His difficult, multi-firing method ensured that only works wh... > Item Details
Lucie Rie (1902-1995; Austria/UK)
Lot # 43 - Lucie Rie (1902-1995; Austria/UK)
Blue Lava Vase ca 1958 Stoneware; ht. 7.5, wd. 5.5, dp. 4 in.  Artist LR stamp on base. Dame Lucie Rie was and remains one of the most important ceramic figures in Britain today. This rare and early piece has a subtle blue cast to the crater glaze and is a unique example of thi... > Item Details
Shoji Hamada (1894-1978; Japan)
Lot # 13 - Shoji Hamada (1894-1978; Japan)
Handsome Shouldered Vase with Ladle-poured Glaze ca 1955 Salt-glazed Stoneware; ht. 12.5, dia. 18.5 in. Includes artist signed box. Hamada was a significant influence on studio pottery of the twentieth century and a major figure of the Mingei folk-art movement e... > Item Details
Rudy Staffel (1911-2002; USA)
Lot # 34 - Rudy Staffel (1911-2002; USA)
Pair of Cups ca 1970 Porcelain, largest ht. 3.25, dia. 2.5 in.  Larger signed RS on base; each numbered.  Staffel taught for 38 years at the Tyler School of Art and was known nationally and internationally for his porcelain "light-gatherer" vessels. They were f... > Item Details
Jun Kaneko (1942; Japan/USA)
Lot # 49 - Jun Kaneko (1942; Japan/USA)
Untitled Black Slab 1998 Stoneware;  ht. 22, wd. 29.25 in. Kaneko studied painting with Satoshi Ogawa during his adolescence in Nagoya, Japan. He came to the United States in 1963 to study at the Chouinard Institute of Art.  LA collector Fred Marer drew him to sculptural ceramics... > Item Details
Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008; USA)
Lot # 21 - Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008; USA)
Exceptionally Rare Early Lidded Vessel and Large Bowl ca 1968 Stoneware Lidded Vessel, ht. 4.5, dia. 5.5 in.  Bowl, ht. 5.5, dia. 14.5 in. Signed Ralph on base of vessel. No signature on the bowl.   Bacerra will be the subject of a retrosp... > Item Details
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