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Aldo Pagliacci (Italian, 1913-1991)
9/4/2015 - Studio Paintings: Live Online Auction
Il Diabolo in Visita (The Devil on a Visit)
oil on canvas
signed and dated '64 l.r.
titled on back of frame
11.75 x 9.75 in. (canvas size)
Sold: $276.75
Price includes
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Herman Wessel (American, 1877-1969)
Lot # 17 - Herman Wessel (American, 1877-1969)
Gloucester Scenegouache on papersigned l.r.framed and matted12 x 9.75 in. (sight) > Item Details
Victor Casnelli (American, 1867-1961)
Lot # 26 - Victor Casnelli (American, 1867-1961)
Pair of Camels in Desert Landscapeoil on canvassigned l.r.11.75 x 20 in. (sight) > Item Details
Dwight F. Steininger (American, 1910-1977)
Lot # 33 - Dwight F. Steininger (American, 1910-1977)
Winter in the Valleyoil on canvassigned and dated '60 l.l.23.5 x 39.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Continental School (late 19th century)
Lot # 98 - Continental School (late 19th century)
Mountain Scene with House and Figure oil on canvas unsigned 29.5 x 23.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Thomas Jefferson Willison (American, 1864-1940)
Lot # 1 - Thomas Jefferson Willison (American, 1864-1940)
The Village, Afternoonoil on boardillegibly signed l.r.14.25 x 19.25 in. (sight) > Item Details
E. T. Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Lot # 12 - E. T. Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Monastery Road at Night etching and aquatint signed l.l. (in plate) and l.r., underneath plate in pencil dated '32 l.r. titled in pencil on reverse of frame 11.75 x 8 in. (plate size) > Item Details
Frederick John Widgery (English, 1861-1942)
Lot # 91 - Frederick John Widgery (English, 1861-1942)
The Tavy - Near Tavy Cleave, Dartmoorwatercolor on papersigned l.l.titled on matframed and matted10 x 14 in. (sight) > Item Details
Edward Timothy Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Lot # 14 - Edward Timothy Hurley (American, 1869-1950)
Ludlow Avenue Viaduct etching and mezzotint signed and dated 1921 in pencil l.r. label with title on back of frame framed 9.25 x 12.75 in. (plate size) > Item Details
Henry Earp (British, 1831-1914)
Lot # 89 - Henry Earp (British, 1831-1914)
Pair of Landscapeseach oil on boardeach signed l.l.each 6.75 x 13.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Old Master Copy after Rembrandt Van Rijn
Lot # 108 - Old Master Copy after Rembrandt Van Rijn
Portraitearly 19th centuryoil on canvasunsigned18 x 23.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
John Elwood Bundy (American, 1853-1933)
Lot # 66 - John Elwood Bundy (American, 1853-1933)
Cows Out to Pasture.pencil on papersinged l.lht 7 in wd 9 in, (sight) > Item Details
Chinese Watercolors (19th century)
Lot # 93 - Chinese Watercolors (19th century)
Figures in Natural Settingsthree watercolorsartist seals c.l.9.5 x 6.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
H. Julien (American, 20th century)
Lot # 78 - H. Julien (American, 20th century)
Winter Scene with Horseoil on boardsigned and date 1943 l.l.framed21.5 x 27.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
French Art Nouveau Woodblock
Lot # 101 - French Art Nouveau Woodblock
Early 20th centurywoodblock on papersigned and numbered in margin indistinctly11.5 x 10.5 in. (sight) > Item Details
Gary Olson (American, b. 1946)
Lot # 54 - Gary Olson (American, b. 1946)
Cows Resting on Coperthorn's Farmoil, watercolor and graphite on papersigned l.r.30 x 40 in. (sight) > Item Details
Doris Rosenthal (American, active in Mexico, 1895-1971)
Lot # 51 - Doris Rosenthal (American, active in Mexico, 1895-1971)
Los CalabacinesGirl in White Mexican SchoolGirls with Bananasfour black and white lithographsall signed l.r.all titled and numbered l.l.16.5 x 15 in. (sight, largest) > Item Details
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (English, 1901-1971)
Lot # 92 - Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (English, 1901-1971)
The Thatcheretching on papersigned in pencil l.rnumbered 72/75 l.l.unframed but comes with mat7.5 x 6 in. (plate size) > Item Details
Style of Oswaldo Guayasamin
Lot # 131 - Style of Oswaldo Guayasamin
Oswaldo Guayasmin, (Ecuadorian painter and muralist, 1919-1999) Oil on canvas, signed lower right; 39.5 in. x 55 in. In the manner of the artist. This work contains an original receipt for another painting purchased by the same previous owner from Taller Guayasamin, both signed by the owner a... > Item Details
Peter Max (American, b. 1937)
Lot # 121 - Peter Max (American, b. 1937)
Portraitlithograph in colorssigned and numbered 51/500 in margin35 x 25 in. (sight) > Item Details
Audrey Davis (American, 20th-21st century)
Lot # 73 - Audrey Davis (American, 20th-21st century)
Mountain Adobe and Mountain Scenetwo pastels on sanded papersigned l.r. and l.l.one titled to reverse of frameeach framed19 x 23 in. (larger sight) > Item Details
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