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Style of Oswaldo Guayasamin
9/4/2015 - Studio Paintings: Live Online Auction
Oswaldo Guayasmin, (Ecuadorian painter and muralist, 1919-1999) Oil on canvas, signed lower right; 39.5 in. x 55 in. In the manner of the artist.

This work contains an original receipt for another painting purchased by the same previous owner from Taller Guayasamin, both signed by the owner and artist. While the receipt for this painting is not included, it is presumed that the previous owner purchased both around the same period of time.  Additional note- The Guayasamin Foundation has reviewed this work, and does not believe it is in the artist's hand.

Acquired from Taller Guayasamin

Unframed, and in good condition.  Never lined, cleaned or restored.
Sold: $676.50
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