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British Raper of Leeds Flintlock Musketoon
10/21/2014 - Firearms and Militaria: Live Salesroom Auction
.69 caliber, 27" round barrel with British proofs at the breech, 44" overall. Lockplate is marked Raper Leeds.  Barrel finished in brown with British proofs. Lock was case hardened. Brass mounted walnut stock with the raised carved beaver tail behind the tang.

Barrel retains most of the brown finish. Lock and hammer are very crisp with a nice mottled grey look. Markings are sharp and clear. Brass with tarnished look. Walnut stock with some nicks and dings. Overall excellent.
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Colt .32 Caliber Lighting Pump-Action Rifle
Lot # 1556 - Colt .32 Caliber Lighting Pump-Action Rifle
.32 caliber, 26" barrel, S/N 44055. Walnut stocks, small frame, crescent buttplate, brown gun. > Item Details
US Allen Conversion Rifle with 1863 Dated Lock
Lot # 1232 - US Allen Conversion Rifle with 1863 Dated Lock
.50-70 caliber, 36" barrel, S/N 7789. Two_band walnut stock retains one band. > Item Details
**Model 1899 Krag Springfield Carbine
Lot # 805 - **Model 1899 Krag Springfield Carbine
.30-40 caliber, 22" barrel, S/N 285724. Left side of receiver marked 1899; carbine marked 1901 rear sight, correct '01 hand-guard.  Walnut stock. Front barrel band with sling swivel and rear sling swivel near the toe of stock. Sometimes referred as an "Engineer's" carbine... > Item Details
*Remington Model 514 Bolt-Action Rifle
Lot # 1762 - *Remington Model 514 Bolt-Action Rifle
.22 LR caliber, 24" barrel, no S/N. Blue finish, walnut stock. > Item Details
U.S. Model 1860 Light Cavalry Swords, Lot of Three
Lot # 1178 - U.S. Model 1860 Light Cavalry Swords, Lot of Three
Lot includes two 35" blades, Ames swords with scabbards, inspected and dated 1863 and 1865; and one import sword 34" blade, three-branch brass guard, B M maker mark for J.E. Bleckmann Manufacturing. > Item Details
Parker Brothers 12ga. Damascus Double-Barrel Shotgun
Lot # 922 - Parker Brothers 12ga. Damascus Double-Barrel Shotgun
16 gauge with 30" "D" grade, S/N 118944. Damascus steel barrels marked on central rib Parker Bros. Makers. Meridian, Conn. Damascus Steel. Beautifully engraved steel receiver. Checkered walnut stock with pistol grip and parker cap, red recoil pad on buttstock. > Item Details
*Winchester Model 61
Lot # 982 - *Winchester Model 61
.22 Win. magnum RF caliber, 24" barrel length, S/N 305533. Blue barrel, magazine tube and receiver.  Walnut stock and ribbed forearm. Black checkered Winchester buttplate. > Item Details
Early White Buff Leather Cartridge Box Sling
Brass-Handle Saber Bayonet by <i>Ames</i>
Lot # 138 - Brass-Handle Saber Bayonet by Ames
22" blade length. Marked in a banner on the ricasso Ames Mfg. Co.  Cast brass handle. Scabbard with brass tip and throat. > Item Details
Model 1870 Trial Springfield Rolling Block Carbine
Lot # 291 - Model 1870 Trial Springfield Rolling Block Carbine
.50-70 caliber, 22" round barrel. No barrel proofs. Rear sight is the Model 1868 type, ladder graduated to 2, 3, 5, 7, 9; with wide slider. Right side of frame is marked with eagle US Springfield 1870.  Remington patent markings on the upper tang. Saddle bar on the left side. Walnut stock ... > Item Details
*Forehand Model 1901
Lot # 1510 - *Forehand Model 1901
.32 caliber, 5" barrel length, S/N G137. > Item Details
**Iver Johston Revolver
Lot # 1519 - **Iver Johston Revolver
.32 caliber short, 5" barrel, S/N 486264. Nickel finish with the famous "Owl Head" logo hard rubber grips. > Item Details
**H&R <i>Police Automatic</i> Safety Hammer Revolver
Lot # 1517 - **H&R Police Automatic Safety Hammer Revolver
.32 S&W, 3" barrel, S/N 85198.  Retains most of the factory blue finish. Has Harrington & Richardson address and patent information on the barrel spine. Checked hard rubber grips with target logo. > Item Details
Balloon Pilot's and Observer Wings, Lot of 5
Lot # 846 - Balloon Pilot's and Observer Wings, Lot of 5
Includes pilot, senior pilot with snowflake back and Meyer logo marked balloon observer badges, sterling, pinback.  Also includes a miniature sterling pinback pilot's wing and a gold pinback senior pilot specimen. > Item Details
*Remington Model 700 Classic Limited Edition
Lot # 935 - *Remington Model 700 Classic Limited Edition
.338 Win. magnum, 24" barrel length, S/N B6829878. Checkered walnut stock. This caliber was produced in 1987 only. > Item Details
Springfield Sharps Trial Rifle Type 1
Lot # 289 - Springfield Sharps Trial Rifle Type 1
.50-70 caliber, 35" round barrel, S/N 34622. Rear barrel sight graduated 2, 3, 5, 7. Two barrel bands. Barrels were burnished bright and the action was colored hardened. Walnut stock and forearm. Total production 1300. > Item Details
*Mauser Broomhandle Model 1896
Lot # 1410 - *Mauser Broomhandle Model 1896
.30 Mauser caliber, 5.5" barrel length, S/N 429085. > Item Details
*Winchester Model 70 22 <i>Hornet</i>
Lot # 1034 - *Winchester Model 70 22 Hornet
.22 Hornet caliber, 24.75" round barrel length, S/N 26101. Blue barrel, frame and black fore end cap. Walnut stock with finely checkered pistol grip and Winchester cap. Checkered forearm and checkered buttplate. Mounted with a tube site. Circa 1940. > Item Details
*Stoeger Side-by-Side Uplander
Lot # 1812 - *Stoeger Side-by-Side Uplander
.410 ga., 26" barrel length, S/N C805264-13. Walnut stock with checkered pistol grip and forearm, blue finish. > Item Details
US Civil War Spencer Carbine
Lot # 1233 - US Civil War Spencer Carbine
.52 caliber, 22" barrel, S/N 11619. Re-barreled; marked on top of breech Spencer Repeating/Rifle Co. Boston, Mass./Pat'd March 6, 1860. Has walnut fore end and stock with saddle ring on the obverse. Seven-shot repeater loaded through buttplate. > Item Details
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