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Abstract Watercolor by Grace Martin Taylor
5/9/2014 - Modern Ceramics and 20th Century Art: Live Salesroom Auction
Grace Martin Taylor (American, West Virginia, 1903-1995), 1948. An abstract Modernist watercolor, signed and dated l.l.; 21 1/4 x 18 1/2 in. (sight).

Martin Taylor was a prominent American Modernist who gained national acclaim for her watercolors and woodcuts. She was a student of Hans Hoffman. Her work is included in numerous museum and private collections and has been featured nationally and internationally in exhibitions of American abstraction.
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Karen Karnes (1925; USA)
Lot # 175 - Karen Karnes (1925; USA)
Compound Vase ca 1972 Salt-glazed Stoneware; ht. 12.5, dia. 7.25 in.   > Item Details
Michael Cardew (1901-1983; Britain)
Lot # 49 - Michael Cardew (1901-1983; Britain)
Winchcombe Green Jar  ca 1926-39 Glazed earthenware; ht. 16.5, dia. 11.5 in.  Artist stamp at foot. Cardew was the first British apprentice at the Leach pottery, St. Ives, Cornwall in 1923. He shared an interest in slipware with Leach and was influenced by the pottery of Sh... > Item Details
Jonathan Keep (1958; Johannesburg, SA)
Lot # 67 - Jonathan Keep (1958; Johannesburg, SA)
Double Vessel ca 2002 Stoneware, ht. 25.5, wd. 38, dp. 18 in.  > Item Details
Red Pear #15, by Joanne Helman
Lot # 311 - Red Pear #15, by Joanne Helman
Joanne Helman (British, b. 1968). Oil on canvas titled Red Pear #15, depicting a still life of a red pear against a black background. Signed l.l.; 36 x 24 in., unframed > Item Details
Still Life with Fruit by Alfredo Antognini
Lot # 313 - Still Life with Fruit by Alfredo Antognini
Alfredo Antognini (Argentinian born, San Diego based, b. 1938). Oil on board, housed in wood frame. A still life with four fruit, two on the ground, on hanging n a branch, against a grey ground. Signed and dated 2002, l.r.; 11 1/4 x 18 1/4 in. (sight). > Item Details
Violin With Dark Cloth, by Alexandre Zlotnik
Lot # 290 - Violin With Dark Cloth, by Alexandre Zlotnik
Alexandre Zlotnik (Russian, b. 1940). Oil on canvas titled Violin With Dark Cloth (1991). Signed lower right. Featured on page 122-123 of All Works by Alexandre Zlotnik, Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco; 39 1/4 x 29 1/2 in. > Item Details
Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Lot # 46 - Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Four Faceted Bowls  2000  Stoneware Smallest ht. 3.5, dia. 6 in.  Largest ht. 8.75, dia. 16 in. > Item Details
Karen Karnes (1925; USA)
Lot # 144 - Karen Karnes (1925; USA)
Lidded Jar ca 1975 Wood-fired stoneware; ht. 5, dia. 5.5 in. Artist stamp at foot. > Item Details
Joe Bova (1941; USA)
Lot # 131 - Joe Bova (1941; USA)
Cat with Dog Mask ca 1985 Earthenware; ht. 10, wd. 14.5, dp. 6.5 in. Incised "Clay Dogs," G. Clark, Los Angeles on base. Artist signature and date incised on base and on figure. > Item Details
Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Lot # 44 - Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Three Chargers ca 2001-06 Glazed stoneware Largest charger; ht. 3, dia. 16.25 in.  > Item Details
Otmar Cabinet
Lot # 324 - Otmar Cabinet
American, 20th century. A walnut display cabinet in two pieces, by Otmar of Cincinnati. Features two lower cabinets with a shelving system, and an upper shelving system behind glass; ht. 64.5, wd. 72, dp. 19 in. > Item Details
Neil Tetkowski (1955; USA)
Lot # 155 - Neil Tetkowski (1955; USA)
Untitled Disk #1 ca 1980 Stoneware; ht. 1.5, dia. 18.5 in.  Artist signature incised on base. > Item Details
Edward Eberle (1944; USA)
Lot # 125 - Edward Eberle (1944; USA)
Conditions of Power 1989 Porcelain; ht. 3, wd3.25, dp. 3.25 in. Title, date and artist signature on base. > Item Details
<i>Picasso 347</i>; Two Volumes, First Edition
Lot # 381 - Picasso 347; Two Volumes, First Edition
Picasso 347. New York; Random House/Maecenas Press, 1970. Two volumes with gilt pages, housed in a clamshell case. Includes 347 reproductions of the artist's etchings from 1968. > Item Details
Bernard Leach  (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Lot # 10 - Bernard Leach (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Round Vase with Mottled Surface ca 1960s Stoneware; ht. 10.25, dia. 8.5 in.  Two artist stamps at foot. > Item Details
Still Life with Mug and Fruit by Alfredo Antognini
Lot # 312 - Still Life with Mug and Fruit by Alfredo Antognini
Alfredo Antognini (Argentinian born, San Diego based, b. 1938). Oil on canvas, housed in wood and gilt frame. A still life showing a mug, an apple, and an orange aligned on a table on a black and grey ground. Signed and dated 2004, l.r.; 23 1/4 x 19. 1/4 in. (sight). > Item Details
<i>Sex-Appeal</i> Series No. 3 Portfolio, by Albert Arthur Allen
Lot # 334 - Sex-Appeal Series No. 3 Portfolio, by Albert Arthur Allen
Albert Arthur Allen (American, 1886-1962). Portfolio of fifteen silver gelatin nude photographs titled Sex-Appeal, Series No. 3, each with the model's letter stamped on verso. This is a continuation of the series, and includes original folder with two pages of a printed... > Item Details
Edwin Scheier (1910-2008; USA)
Lot # 96 - Edwin Scheier (1910-2008; USA)
Vessel with Figures ca 1985 Stoneware; ht. 13.75, dia. 13.5 in. Artist stamp and date on base. Edwin Scheier (along with his wife Mary) have produced a body of distinctive decorative ceramics with a combination of relief elements and finely drawn sgrafitto figures and patterns, classic example... > Item Details
Paul Jacoulet,  <i>M. Keen et M. Lee, Séoul, Corée</i> Woodcut
Lot # 386 - Paul Jacoulet, M. Keen et M. Lee, Séoul, Corée Woodcut
Paul Jacoulet (French, 1902-1960). A color woodcut titled M. Keen et M. Lee, Séoul, Corée, signed l.r. in pencil and with artist's stamp; 15 x 11 1/2 in. (sight) > Item Details
Shoji Hamada (1894-1978; Japan)
Lot # 78 - Shoji Hamada (1894-1978; Japan)
Tan on Persimmon Vase   ca 1943 Stoneware with wax resist; ht. 11.75, dia. 9.5 in.  Includes artist signed box.   Hamada was a significant influence on studio pottery of the twentieth century, and a major figure of the Mingei folk-art movement, establishing... > Item Details
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