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Warren MacKenzie (1924; USA)
5/9/2014 - Modern Ceramics and 20th Century Art: Live Salesroom Auction
Chartreuse and Brown Charger
ca 2003
Stoneware; ht. 3, dia. 18.5 in.
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William Marshall (1923-2007; Britain)
Lot # 18 - William Marshall (1923-2007; Britain)
Charger with Leaf Design ca 2004 Glazed stoneware with wax resist; ht. 3, dia. 17 in.  Artist stamp on base.   Marshall was born in St. Ives, Cornwall and joined the Leach Pottery in the town as its first apprentice in 1938.  Marshall became the foreman and right hand man o... > Item Details
<i> Halt the Hun </i> poster by Henry P. Raleigh
Lot # 307 - Halt the Hun poster by Henry P. Raleigh
Henry P. Raleigh (American, 1880, 1944). Poster, housed in black frame, 1918. A poster depicting an American soldier pushing an armed German soldier away from a woman and her child. Flames in the background. Two inscriptions read: "HALT the HUN," u.c., and "BUY U.S. GOVERNMENT BONDS THIRD LIBERTY LO... > Item Details
Bernard Leach  (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Lot # 12 - Bernard Leach (1887-1979; Hong Kong/Britain)
Rampant Horse Tiles Set of four Stoneware; 8 in. square each Glazed signed Artist and St. Ives > Item Details
Anne Hirondelle (1944; USA)
Lot # 154 - Anne Hirondelle (1944; USA)
Handled Vessel and Stand ca 1995 Glazed stoneware; w/ stand ht. 7.25, w/ handles dia. 22.25 in.  Artist signature on base of bowl. > Item Details
Group of Books on Stickley and Mission Furniture
Lot # 221 - Group of Books on Stickley and Mission Furniture
A group of seven books and catalogs on Stickley and Mission furniture including a 1981 reprint of Stickley's Quaint Furniture Arts and Crafts catalog, a 1981 reprint of Life-Time Furniture The Cloister Styles catalog, a 1995 reprint of Gustav Stickley after 1909 by Stephen Gray, Romance of the Missi... > Item Details
The Magician & His Apprentice II, by Xiao Guo Hui
Lot # 308 - The Magician & His Apprentice II, by Xiao Guo Hui
Xiao Guo Hui (Chinese, b. 1969). A large egg tempera on linen painting titled The Magician & His Apprentice II. Hui's style is influenced by Chinese traditional paintings, while speaking universal themes to a global audience. With artist's signature and date 2008 on verso; 78 3/4 ... > Item Details
Beatrice Wood (1893-1998; USA)
Lot # 106 - Beatrice Wood (1893-1998; USA)
Black Crystalline Oval Bowl ca 1958 Earthenware; ht. 4, wd. 9.5, dp. 6.75 in. Artist signature on base. > Item Details
<i>Rookwood</i> Vase By Elizabeth Barrett
Lot # 202 - Rookwood Vase By Elizabeth Barrett
American (Cincinnati), 1929. A later mat/mat moderne glaze vase in blue and mint green with dark slip circle and stylized leaf scraffito decoration and a light blue interior. Impressed Rookwood mark, 1929 date, shape 927D and artist's mark; ht. 9 1/4 in. > Item Details
Tim Rowan (1967; USA)
Lot # 184 - Tim Rowan (1967; USA)
Three Tiles ca 2006 Wood-fired stoneware; ht. 13.5, wd. 13.5, dp. 2 in. > Item Details
David Leach (1911-2005; Britain)
Lot # 16 - David Leach (1911-2005; Britain)
Vase with Incised Rings Stoneware; ht. 13, dia. 16 in. Artist stamp at foot.   David Leach began his apprenticeship with his father at St. Ives, Cornwall in 1930. He subsequently managed the Leach changing over from a wood-burning to an oil-burning kiln and modernizing the workshop. I... > Item Details
Paul Jacoulet, <i>Les Bons Piments Rouges!</i>, Woodcut
Lot # 383 - Paul Jacoulet, Les Bons Piments Rouges!, Woodcut
Paul Jacoulet (French, 1902-1960). A color woodcut titled Les Bons Piments Rouges!, signed left side in pencil and with artist's stamp; 15 x 11 1/2 in. (sight) > Item Details
Brass Wall Sculpture by Ora D. Wickliff
Lot # 322 - Brass Wall Sculpture by Ora D. Wickliff
American, 20th century. A wall sculpture composed of stained brass sheets of various geometric shapes mounted on a metal framework, signed Ora D. Wickliff; ht. 62, wd. 55, dp. 6.75 in. This piece hung in a bank in Upper Sandusky, OH from the 1960s-early 2000s.  > Item Details
Gertrud and Otto Natzler (1908-1971 and 1908-2007, Austria/USA)
Lot # 95 - Gertrud and Otto Natzler (1908-1971 and 1908-2007, Austria/USA)
Folded Bowl Earthenware; ht. 2.25, wd. 4.5, dp.3.5 in. Artist signature on base. > Item Details
Rick Dillingham (1952-1994; USA)
Lot # 113 - Rick Dillingham (1952-1994; USA)
Burnt Orange Gas Can 1988 Raku; ht. 26, wd. 14, dp. 5 in. Artist signature and 4-88-7 on base.    Dillingham was known as much for his contemporary ceramics as for his scholarship of the pottery traditions of the North American Indian and published classic texts su... > Item Details
William Marshall (1923-2007; Britain)
Lot # 19 - William Marshall (1923-2007; Britain)
Large Round Vase with Blossom Design ca 2004 Slip decorated stoneware; ht. 14.5, 12.5 in.  > Item Details
Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Lot # 41 - Richard Batterham (1936; Britain)
Three Faceted Bowls ca 2001-06 Stoneware Smaller bowls ht. 4.5, dia. 7.75 in. Large bowl ht. 9.25, dia. 15.5 in. > Item Details
William Marshall (1923-2007; Britain)
Lot # 29 - William Marshall (1923-2007; Britain)
Six Tile Seascape ca 2000 Stoneware; ht. 7.75, wd. 48.5 in. (sight) Housed in custom frame. > Item Details
Karen Karnes (1925; USA)
Lot # 170 - Karen Karnes (1925; USA)
Tulip Vase ca 1992 Glazed Stoneware; ht. 9, wd. 5.5 in. Artist stamp at foot. > Item Details
<i>Tiffany Studios </i> Lemon Leaf Table Lamp
Lot # 214 - Tiffany Studios Lemon Leaf Table Lamp
American, early 20th century. A Tiffany Studios table lamp, converted from oil, having a yellow and green leaded glass shade in the lemon leaf pattern, the shade marked TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1470 on the interior rim, the shade supported by a bronze urn-shaped base  an rising o... > Item Details
An Early Glass Basket, by Dale Chihuly
Lot # 268 - An Early Glass Basket, by Dale Chihuly
Dale Chihuly (American, b. 1941). An early glass basket in seven segments of amber and brown glass. Gifted to the previous owners by Chihuly when he first started working with glass. Unsigned; 6 1/4 in. width, 2 1/4 in. height Consignor's immediate family members, Bernice and David Philli... > Item Details
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