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Civil War Frock Coat Belonging to Sam'l. F. Patton, Co. A., 59th ILL.
4/30/2014 - Firearms and Militaria: Live Salesroom Auction
A fine navy blue wool nine-button single-breasted frock coat worn by 1st Lieut. Samuel F. Patton, Co. A. 59th Illinois, sold with Patton's relic Staff & Field sword, a post-war GAR walking stick, and a letter of provenance from family descendants. Uniform buttons are marked "Extra Quality". Original pair of first lieutenant's straps were detached from the coat by the consignor for a custom display and never reattached.  Standard three-button non-serviceable cuff.  Skirt measures 20.5" to rough edge with bell-shaped elbows at 9" wide.  Dark olive green lining with wide quilted patterns in chest and under arms. Lining of sleeves is white. Back of coat has 3 seams that lead to center vent.  Vent has two buttons at top and middle of vent. 

Sword and scabbard are severely damaged, complete, but in relic condition. The W. Clauberg blade is unbent, but coated in rust with shallow pitting beneath. Point is sharp with no edge nicks. Brass hilt is complete and unbroken. Grip showing bare wood and missing a portion of the top that appears to have been damaged in a fire.  The bottom 1/4 of the metal scabbard is missing; the rest is heavily corroded but retaining both brass scabbard mounts and rings.  Restoration of sword possible with replacement/rebuilt scabbard.  The GAR walking stick measures 36" long made with a soft wood tapered shaft 3/4" in diameter painted black. The stamped white metal handle depicts the GAR eagle & crossed cannon emblem in relief over a band that says GAR. Damaged handle is bent downward with thin metal split and bent underneath. The light gauge and construction of the cane suggests a souvenir rather than a functional walking stick.  

Accompanying the group is a handwritten letter of provenance dated "9/17/99" from the owner, Mr. Robert M. Ray, conveying the "coat, sword, and GAR cane" to the buyer, a well known collector from Ohio.  In the letter Mr. Ray states that "Sam Patton of Knoxville, Illinois...was my grandmother's brother."  The letter further provides anecdotal information relating to the family heirlooms and the chain of ownership.

Samuel F. Patton (1839-1893) was from Knoxville, Knox County, Illinois where he joined Company A, 59th IL. as a private on July 17, 1861.  Samuel served in the same company and regiment for the duration and took a commission as first lieutenant on October 10, 1864.  He mustered out in Texas as a veteran on December 8, 1865.

The 59th Ill. was commanded by Philip Sidney Post, CMOH and earned a reputation for hard fighting in the western theater during the war.  Serving primarily with the 4th Corps the regiment's battle honors include Pea Ridge, Corinth, Stone's River, Chattanooga, the Atlanta Campaign, and Nashville, altogether 109 battle casualties during its term of service.  Post-war, Samuel Patton became a member of GAR Post #239 (G.W. Trafton) in Knoxville and served as County Sheriff in 1871-72.  He died at Knoxville on February 13, 1893 and was buried in Lot No. 73, Westfall Cemetery, Victoria, Knox County.

Decsended in the family to Strayer to Consignor.

Signs of mothing and moth holes throughout the shoulders and collar. Moth holes on right and left sleeves. Moth holes on front right and left chest. Mothing on each side of skirt.  Back of coat has moth holes. Lining shows signs of wear and thinning.  Two rips on the lining at neck and shoulder area and near the quilting pattern on back left underarm area. Overall condition is good. 
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