Lot 20

CDV Album with Two Confederate Portraits
A small family group containing 17 mostly unidentified civilian portraits with two anonymous Confederate officers in uniform and one disparate Yankee infantryman. The cartes display a diverse geographical range of back marks including St. Louis, New Orleans, Mobile, and Austin, Texas. One of the Confederates by Duffee & Lancier, Mobile is a major sporting formidable side whiskers uniformed in regulation double breasted frock coat with single star on collar. He holds a braided kepi and wears a sword belt with clear oval “CSA” plate sans sword. The carte bears a red one-cent revenue stamp and is hand canceled by Lancier/1865. A latter CDV of presumably the same unidentified man in civilian dress is present. The other Confederate portrait is a post-war vignette of an unknown bearded lt. colonel or colonel wearing frock coat with A.A. Turner, New Orleans imprint. The officer’s buttons are covered in cloth in keeping with a law that forbad the display of Confederate military insignia after the war.

The unidentified Union private in rough condition bears a St. Louis imprint and green three-cent revenue stamp.

One other CDV of note is an outdoor view of a horse and handler identified in ink on verso as E. Church & Flying Dutchman. This may be the famous namesake English thoroughbred of the late 1840s-early 1850s that won every stakes race entered except one.
Est $400 - $600