Lot 19

CDV Album Featuring Union Generals & Soldiers
A wartime compilation containing 37 mixed military cartes of mostly popular Army of the Potomac generals with 12 more views of civilian politicians and Civil War personalities assembled by an unknown member of the 10th Connecticut Infantry. Five of the military CDVs are identified 10th Connecticut officers and five more are naval heroes. Eighteen of the forty nine views are lithographs or engravings. The damaged album contains an ink signed index with names and notations keyed to the pages in sequential order. Missing from the album is #24, "Boston, Corbet, man who killed Booth.”

The CDVs in order of appearance are: Salmon P. Chase (litho), Lady Washington, George Washington (both engravings), John Adams (litho), Charles F. Adams (minister to England), Lincoln (litho), Joshua R. Giddings, Lady Lincoln (engraving), John Q. Adams, Owen Lovejoy, Charles Sumner, Gen. US. Grant (litho), Gen. Wm. T. Sherman (litho), Gen. O.M. Mitchell, Gen. O.O. Howard, Gen. John Sedgwick, Gen. Alfred Pleasanton, Gen. Nathaniel Lyon (engraving), Gen. J.H.F. Mansfield, Gen. A.E. Burnside (litho), Admiral A.K. Foot (litho), Gen. Philip Sheridan (litho), Gen. W. Rosecrans, Lieut. Cushing (sunk the CSS Albemarle), Gen. Franz Siegel (litho), Major Daniel M. Mead, 10th CT., (died of disease 9/19/62), Capt. Selleck J. White, Co. D. & I., 10th CT., (WIA Deep Bottom Run, Va. 8/16/64, died of wounds 9/3/64), Col. John Lord Otis, 10th CT. (WIA New Berne, 3/14/62, WIA Kinston; 12/14/62; discharged 10/18/64; Brevet Brigadier General 3/13/65), Major Henry W. Camp, 10th CT. (engraving; POW Morris Island 9/19/63; KIA Darbytown Road 10/13/64), Chaplain Henry C. Trumbull, (POW Morris Island 9/19/63; m/o 8/25/65), Admiral DuPont, Admiral Farragut, Gen. Geo. Thomas, Gen. Q.A. Gilmore, Gen. David B. Birney, Gen. James A. McPherson, Schuyler Colfax (Speaker of the House), Gen. Robert Anderson., William A. Buckingham, Gen. Joseph R. Hawley (brigade commander at Morris Island; Gov. of CT.), Gen. A.H. Terry, Gen. Hooker (litho), Gen. Kautz, Gen. Kilpatrick, Gen. Freemont (engraving), Gen. Banks (litho), Lieut. Worden (litho), Gen. John M. Corse, “the hero of Atlanta,” and Gen. Butler (litho). An additional five loose CDVs of generals are badly damaged including Hunter (litho), Foster (engraving), Meade (engraving), Burnside (litho), and Commodore Porter.

The 10th CT was a hard fighting unit that served in the 18th, 10th, and 24th Corps seeing heavy combat in South Carolina and Petersburg operations. The regiment participated in the assault and capture of Ft. Wagner and Gregg in the summer of 1863 and later fought on the Bermuda Hundred front before wintering in the Richmond siege lines. The 10th CT was involved in the Appomattox campaign and ended the war having suffered 122 battle casualties.
Est $1500 - $2000