Lot 50

John Adams Dix Autographed CDV
A cdv portrait of Major General John A. Dix, with Black's Boston, MA backmark, and inked inscription on verso John A. Dix / 13, April 1869.

Previously Secretary of the Treasury, Dix (1798-1879) became the senior Major General of Volunteers following his May 1861 appointment by Lincoln. At the dawn of the century, John Dix had served as ensign in Winfield Scott’s brigade at Chippewa. Too old for field service by the time of the Civil War, Dix held a series of administrative posts and was called upon to suppress the deadly New York Draft Riots in 1863. After resigning in 1865, he served as minister to France and Governor of New York before his death in 1879.
Est $400 - $600