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Timothy O'Sullivan Albumen Photograph, A Harvest of Death
Albumen photograph taken by Timothy O'Sullivan and printed by Alexander Gardner, 7.5 x 9 in., on a mount trimmed to roughly the same size. Although erroneously penciled Antietam on verso, the photograph was taken soon after the final day of battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July, 1863.

A Harvest of Death was one of the 100 photos published in Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War. The following excerpt comes from the text that accompanies O'Sullivan's seminal photograph: Slowly, over the misty fields of Gettysburg - as all reluctant to expose their ghastly horrors to the light - came the sunless morn, after the retreat by Lee's broken army. Through the shadowy vapors, it was, indeed, a "harvest of death" that was presented; hundreds and thousands of torn Union and rebel soldiers - although many of the former were already interred - strewed the now quiet fighting ground, soaked by the rain, which for two days had drenched the country with its fitful showers. Although the men are identified in the text as rebels represented in the photograph...without shoes, they are believed to be Union soldiers.
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