Lot 18

12th U.S.C.T. Civil War Album
Comprising 16 ink signed CDVs of uniformed 12th USCT company grade officers plus two unidentified with one unrelated 14th PA Cavalry private, together with 66 civilian cartes, mostly anonymous, from a period album that belonged to Assistant Surgeon David M. Anderson of the 12th USCT. Two of the cartes are officer casualties and several are signed with salutation to Dr. Anderson. There are two sundry lithographs of generals. The civilian views are all common portraits that include 32 men, 17 women, and 17 children with one very small boy dressed up with toy sword and drum.

The 12th USCT was organized in Tennessee during the summer of 1863 and was posted by detachments to railroad guard duty on the Nashville & Northwestern line through December 1864. In December 1864 the regiment skirmished against Hood’s invading army at Johnsonville, Buford’s Station, and Clarksville. The regiment then fought at Nashville on December 15-16 and joined in the pursuit of Hood fighting another action at Decatur, Alabama on December 27-28. The 12th USCT returned to railroad guard and garrison duty within the Department of the Cumberland and mustered out in January 1866 having suffered 4 officers and 38 enlisted men killed and wounded.

The 12th USCT officers are: Colonel Charles R. Thompson (1840-1894), 1st Lt. Engineers Regiment of the West, Capt. & ADC to General Rosecrans, Col. 12th USCT 8/17/63, Brevet Brigadier General 4/13/65, m/o 1/16/66; Capt. Robert Headen, Co. E., DOW received in action at Nashville 1/1/65; 1st Lieut. Thomas L. Sexton, Adjt., resigned 3/31/65; 1st Lieut. Louis G. Torrence, Co.’s B. & G., RQM, m/o 1/16/66; 1st Lieut. J.W. Richardson, Co.’s A., I. & D., resigned 2/10/65; 2nd Lieut. German Ambrose, Co. K., discharged 1/4/65; 2nd Lieut. David. G. Cooke, Co. H. & E., killed near Murfreesboro 12/24/64; Capt. W.R. Douglass, Co. F. & E., m/o 1/16/66; 1st Lieut. David J. Kurle, Co. H., m/o 1/16/66; Assistant Surgeon E.R. Russell, resigned 9/13/65; 1st Lieut. John H. Collier, Co. G. & F., m/o 1/16/66; Capt. Geo. N. Everett, Co. H., resigned 10/13/65; Major Amasa J. Finch, m/o 1/16/66; 1st Lieut. Benj. F. Cook, Co. K. & E., m/o 1/16/66; Capt. Henry V. Freeman, resigned 5/15/65; 1st Lieut. Jesse A. De Muth, Co. D. & A., m/o 1/16/66; Pvt. John W. Miller, Co. L. 14th PA. Cavalry, wounded in head by saber at Ashby’s Gap, Va. 2/9/65; discharged 7/10/65; plus two unidentified officers.
Est $2500 - $3500