Lot 4

Quarter Plate Ambrotype of Mexican General
An unidentified portrait of a distinguished looking army officer wearing a pre-Maximilian uniform, ca 1860. The double breasted coat with shoulder straps is resplendent with two rows of interwoven laurel braid adorning the collar, spread lapels, and wide cuffs. The kepi bears the double row of braids with the symbolic eagle and snake first adopted in 1823 by the Mexican Republic. The straps have been obscured by gilding making it impossible to ascertain this veteran officer’s rank. By 1860 Mexican officer’s uniforms are rife with variation and often highly embellished depending upon the financial means of the owner, i.e. a lieutenant can be mistaken for a colonel and so forth.

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Further research indicates that this is a Mexican general wearing a general's uniform. Refer to page 127 of Civil War and Revolution on the Rio Grande Frontier, by Lawrence Jones and Jerry Thompson, which features a ca 1867 CDV of General Felipe Berriozbal, who is wearing a general's uniform coat that is absolutely identical to the uniform worn by the general in the ambroype.
Est $300 - $400