Lot 298

M. Eugene Sue, The Wandering Jew, 1844-1845
Serialized version, parts No. 7 - 18. New York: Harper & Brothers, No. 7-9, 1844; Nos. 10 - 18, 1845. First number begins at page 241, the last ends at 598. Each with printed paper wraps, with illustration of "the Jew" sitting at a table examining items in dresser-type box. These serial copies are scarce, most either being bound (as possibly the first six were here), or long since disintegrated. Rear wrap advertizes "Popular Novels, in the Cheap Form, Just Published by Harper & Brothers, New-York". Interestingly, the fist 8 have a price of six cents, the last four, only three cents.
Est $50 - $75