Lot 208

Large 18th Centry Engraved Powder Horn
15.5" horn with crudely fastened pewter spout and cap with four pierced hearts in between two tiered rings connected by a 1" pewter bar. The horn's body is in two tiers - part of the top tier's exterior surface has been removed. This region features a raise carved abstract image of a duck with a tiny raised carved duck nearby. A crudely carved letter "X" is carved on the opposite side. Lower tier of the horn is engraved with "ZHB", an engraved heart with stylized border with a triangular pattern rendered inside. Second smaller heart with same stylized border and trefoil patterned engraving inside. Horn is further engraved with a crudely rendered ship and a posed human figure looking onward. Images of other smaller vessels plus several images of fish, horse, turtle and an unusual sea creature. The horn also features some random letters and numbers. Plug with a raise carved eight-pointed star.
Est $1000 - $1500