Lot 824

Four Page Illustrated Circular Related to Maynard's Patent Breech-Loading Rifle
Title page reads, Maynard's Patent Breech-Loading Rifles Sold by Massachusetts Arms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass. Description and Price. New Pattern without Maynard's Primer. Page four has a written letter from Chicopee Falls, Mass dated March 11th 1868 from C.V. Nemmay to Wm P. MacFarland that reads, Sir, yours of the 6th received in reply I can say that we can furnish you with a stick for two rifle bbls not of the old pattern, however, but one of the new ones which we consider to be an improvement. We no longer make them with the Primer attachment. It would be better for you to send your barrels here and have them fitted to the stock to insure a perfect fit. The price of a stock without barrels with them $20. We can send and collect on delivery but the cost of collection as you might see by the circular will be at your cost. You might send it in a letter in advance and save the cost.
Est $400 - $600