Lot 430

Group of Stone China Dishes
English, 19th century. A group of stone china dishes including a pair Japanese style plates marked Real/Stone China/3/640, a pie-crust edge plate with green floral pattern marked Real/Stone China/ 206, a dish with deutches blumen decoration impressed Wedgwood, a small floral dish marked Patent Ironstone China, a red and blue indienische blumen pattern dish marked Amherst Japan/ No 821, a small dish with birds on a flowering branch marked Mason's/Patent Ironstone/China, a dish with rim pattern featuring light blue scrollwork and center featuring vases of flowers, a curved dish with blue, green, orange and pink flowers, a small dish with textured green and gilt edges and central image of exotic birds and flowers, marked Patent Ironstone China, and small dish with red, navy and cream scrolling decoration and flowers, marked ...orey Hill ; (partially illegible); dia. 9 in (largest).
Est $200 - $300