Lot 360

Two CDVs, Massachusetts BBGs: Greely S. Curtis and Oliver P. Gooding
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Curtis, Greely Stevenson (1830-1897). Curtis enlisted as a Captain, commissioned into the 2nd MA Infy. in May 1861. By October he was commissioned major in the 1st MA Cav. He received a promotion to Lt. Col. the following October, and Col. and BG by brevet in March 1865. Cdv with "G.S. Curtis, 1862" in ink on verso. No photographer's ID.

Gooding, Oliver Paul (1835-1909). Gooding graduated USMA in 1858 and was assigned to the 4th Infy. In May 1861 he received a commission as 1st Lieut. in the 10th US Infy., and was promoted to Col. of the 31st Massachusetts Inf. in Feb. 1862. His brevets were for BG for meritorious service, and MG for meritorious service and for services in the assaults on Port Hudson, LA and in the Red River campaign of 1864. Cdv with hand-colored uniform. No photographer's ID.
Est $450 - $650