Lot 235

Autographed CDV of Gen. James H. Wilson
Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson '55, autographed beneath portrait with rank, by Goldin & Co., Washington, D.C. Topographical Engineer; an outstanding regular officer who earned six wartime brevets including Ft. Pulaski, Chattanooga, the Wilderness, Nashville, and Selma. ADC to McClellan, transferred west to Grant's staff, Chief Engineer under Sherman. Assigned as Chief of the Cavalry Bureau, he soon was leading a division under Sheridan during the Overland campaign. Transferred west again as Sherman's Chief of Cavalry, he joined in the Atlanta campaign and fought at Franklin and Nashville.  Overwhelmed N.B. Forrest at Selma and proceeded to "sweep through the remnants of the Confederacy" at the head of "the greatest independent cavalry movement of the Civil War."
Est $800 - $1000