Lot 357

Three CDVs, Massachusetts BBGs: James A. Cunningham, Nathan A. Dudley, and Sumner Carruth
Lot of 3:

Carruth, Sumner (1834 - 1892). Carruth enlisted early in the war as a captain in the 1st MA Infy. In August 1862, he was commissioned into F&S of the 35th MA Infy. He was wounded twice, and taken prisoner in Nov. 1862. He was exchanged in February and returned to duty. He rose through the ranks to Colonel shortly after his return. He received a brevet BG for "gallant and meritorious service in front of Petersburg." Only albumen present, no mount. Pencil ID lower margin.

Cunningham, James Adams (1830 - 1892). Cunningham enlisted as a 1st. Lieut. in Nov. 1861 in the 32nd MA Infy. He was regularly promoted, becoming Lt. Col. before the end of the war. He received a number of brevets, one for BG for distinguished service in the campaign against Richmond, and for special gallantry in the battle of Five Forks (which also earned him a Colonel's brevet - Five Forks and Cox's Cross Roads). Cdv with backmark of Hazelton, Boston. Several ink and pencil IDs on verso also. Corners clipped.

Dudley, Nathan Augustus Monroe (1825 - 1910). A bit older than the typical enlistee, Dudley joined at Lincoln's first call and was commissioned into the 10th Infantry (RA). In less than a year, we was commissioned into F&S in the 30th MA, then later into 15th US Infy (F&S). He received a BG brevet for "gallant and meritorious service during the war" in the "omnibus" awarding 13 March 1865. He continued in the service after the war, retiring by statute in 1889. Cdv unmarked, with period ID on verso.
Est $475 - $675