Lot 154

Five CDVs: McClellan, McClernand, Nathaniel McLean, James W. McMillan, McPherson
Lot of 5: Anonymous view of Brig. Gen. Nathaniel C. McLean, ink autographed on verso, Col. 75th OVI; commanded 11th Corps brigade overrun at Chancellorsville; briefly returned to field command during the Atlanta campaign in charge of a brigade in the 23rd Corps but quickly relegated to rear-area. Brady CDV of Bvt. Maj. Gen. James W. McMillan, ink autographed on verso. Col. 21st IN; led a brigade and division in 19th Corps during Red River fiasco, the savior at Sabine Crossroads; promoted to division command for Valley operations where he excelled. With CDVs of McClellan, by Brady/Anthony; McClernand, by McClees, Philadelphia; and McPherson, by Taylor & Seavey, Photographers for the Army of the Tennessee.
Est $600 - $800