Lot 45

Four CDVs: Daniel D. Bidwell, Henry W. Birge, David B. Birney, Francis P. Blair, Jr.
Lot of 4: Brady/Anthony CDV of Brig. Gen. Daniel D. Bidwell, formerly Col. 49th NY at Gettysburg, commanded brigade during Grant's Overland Campaign; mortally wounded at Cedar Creek 10/19/64. Beers & Mansfield, New Haven, CT carte of Brevet Maj. Gen. Henry W. Birge, raised 13th CT, commanded brigade during Red River Campaign. Anonymous view of Maj. Gen. David B. Birney, who assumed command of 3rd Corps at Gettysburg, later commanded 10th Corps during the Overland Campaign; died of malaria Oct. '64. Anonymous carte of Maj. Gen. Francis P. Blair, Jr., the "savior of Missouri," politician turned soldier who rose to corps command in western theater as protege of Sherman and Grant. 
Est $500 - $700