Lot 901

Indian Woman by Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Folk Artist, Plus
Jimmy Lee Sudduth (Alabama, 1910-2007), ca mid-late 1980s. Earth pigments and house paint on wood panel. A wonderfully expressive folk art portrait of a Native American woman wearing a hide shirt and a feather headdress, the shirt having a V-shaped neckline and a spear head in the front breast pocket. Exceptionally well executed with thick layers of mud impasto in shades of brown, red, and bluish-gray and having incised lines carved in the hair for an extra layer of texture, all against a white chalk background. Signed Jim Suddth l.c. twice, once in pencil and once in chalk, presented in a custom maple frame, PLUS a hardback catalog from the exhibition The Life and Art of Jimmy Lee Sudduth held at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Montgomery, Alabama in 2005; 32 x 24 in. (sight).

Born in Fayette, Alabama, Jimmy Lee Sudduth began painting with mud and earth pigments at the age of eight while helping his Native American mother search for medicinal herbs and plants in the woods near their home. Due to the itinerant lifestyle of his parents, who frequently moved from farm to farm as field hands, Sudduth attended school only intermittently and never learned to read. Despite his lack of formal education, Sudduth obtained a job at a grist mill and, in his spare time, he continued to paint with natural materials. His subjects ranged from buildings to animals to farm scenes to portraits, the most successful of which were created during the mid to late 1980s. The portrait offered for sale here dates from this period and is a superb, highly developed example of Sudduth’s technical skill as well as his ability to capture the emotion of his subject.
Est $800 - $1200