Lot 7

Civil War Major Medical Officer's Frock Coat
Fine navy blue wool seven-button double-breasted Major Medical Officer's frock coat. Buttons are marked "Extra Quality."  Shoulder straps of navy cloth material with gold bullion border, gold oak leaves and gold "M.S." in middle of shoulder straps.  Three button serviceable cuffs.  Lining of coat is dark olive green with red sleeves.  Lining is a wide quilted pattern in chest and under arms. Skirt measures 20.5" to rough edge with belled elbows measuring 9" in width. Back of coat has three seams that lead to center vent. Vent has two buttons at top and middle. The frock coat is unidentified, but there is an unusual drawing of a castle inside one of the sleeves.  Taken literally it may infer that the unknown staff grade officer was attached to one of the larger engineer organizations raised during the war. The roster of Engineer Regiments included the 1st Michigan, 1st Ohio, 1st Missouri, 1st, 15th, and 50th NY, 1st Veteran Volunteer Engineers, and 1st Battalion Regular Engineers.
Est $6000 - $8000